15 Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Accessories Under $50

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Although back-to-school season isn't exactly thrilling (though I must admit--I'd trade Mom's home cooked spaghetti with garlic bread for a late night cafe nosh session with my faves without a doubt right now!) -- it does mean one awesome thing: back-to-school shopping.

Flipping through the pages of a new notebook--that smell!--is like an aphrodisiac. And buying a brand new tote for hauling my massive textbooks across campus? Heaven.

So, since I know I'm not the only lady out there who loves stocking up on back-to-school accessories, I put together a list of green back to school accessories, from beauty products to bracelets, that won't burn through the other kind of green (aka, your hard earned summer cash).


Eco-friendly wallets

Product Information: Purse Wallet - fashion-conscience, Disco Clutch - denisetjarks.com, Tuxedo Clutch - denisetjarks.com


Eco-friendly shoes

Product Information: Flats - Mod Cloth. Boots - Mod Cloth , Pumps - Mod Cloth


Eco-friendly and vegan bags

Product Information: Satchel - Alternative Outfitters, Satchel - Swell, Bag - Mod Cloth


Eco-friendly hats, jewelry, makeup, and accessories

Product Information: Journal - Amazon, Vegan Beanie - Alternative Outfitters, Umbrella - Celery Street, Artist Pen Set - Mod Cloth, Pulltab Bracelet - Ecoist, Bamboo Makeup Brushes -parispresents.com

Other Ways to Make Back-to-School More Eco-Friendly:

In Your Closet:

  • Host or attend a clothing swap.
  • Scour vintage shops before heading back to campus (& again when you get there!)
  • Share closets with your friends! When you're surrounded by all your old bffs (or potential new ones!), borrow a cute shirt before you commit to buying it! Just make sure to take good care of it so they'll let you borrow again.

In the Dorm:

  • Use fair trade kitchen utensils.
  • Look for organic cotton to use as window treatments.
  • Buy organic cotton sheets & pillows/pillowcases.
  • Skip the disposable cups & glasses.
  • Use your printer sparingly.

In the Classroom:

What are your thoughts?

Is eco-friendly fashion important to you? What's your favorite eco-chic accessory? Are there any other methods you're using to make your back-to-school experience better for the environment? Any tips for other fashion addicts trying to be eco-friendly? Click below & leave me a comment with your opinion!

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