Study Says Fashion is "Like American Idol"

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We all know that fashion is ever changing. That's part of what makes it so much fun! It does get somewhat crazy trying to keep up with the latest.. everything. As a fashion blogger, I'm reading hundreds of fashion news stories a day, most of which are all reporting on totally different trends that they think will be "the next big thing." Many of these styles do become popular, but even more of the trends quickly die out and never truly have sticking power.

So how do we predict which new fashion trends will replace the old ones? A new study from Durham University states that fashion changes are consistent and do occur at a predictable rate, but exactly what trends come into fashion are also random and completely unpredictable by anyone.

"It's like American Idol", said Dr. Alex Bentley, a Lecturer in the Anthropology Department at Durham University. "We can predict the steady production of new winners from programme to programme, but the randomness means we can't forecast the particular winners themselves."

The study also concluded that our fashion choices are not "independent, rational decisions", but rather that we are "generally copycats when it comes to popular culture." The researchers also found that we tend to copy only a tiny majority of fashion "innovators", or "the cool ones who 'pump' new fashions into our world." The study cited examples such as David Beckham with his ever-changing haircuts, or Madonna, who has stayed on top for two decades by changing her image constantly.

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