Milly for Banana Republic Lookbook

Here's a sneak peek at the lookbook for the Milly for Banana Republic collection.
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Back in February, we announced that Banana Republic would be collaborating with designer Michelle Smith of Milly, and now the full lookbook has been released.

In case you need a recap, Milly for Banana Republic will include both men's and women's clothes and accessories, with prices ranging from $39.50 to $175.

The limited-edition collection will be available online and at select BR stores starting this Thursday, May 30.

Ready to see what the collection looks like? Here's the full lookbook, courtesy of Banana Republic: 

Milly x br 1
Milly x br 2
Milly x br 3
Milly x br 4
Milly x br 5
Milly x br 6
Milly x br 7
Milly x br 8
Milly x br 9
Milly x br 10
Milly x br 11
Milly x br 12
Milly x br 13
Milly x br 14
Milly x br 15
Milly x br 16
Milly x br 17
Milly x br 18

Your thoughts?

What do you think of this collection? Do you like any of these looks? Which one is your favorite? Will you be buying anything from this collaboration? Remember to tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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