Major in Retail

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Love fashion, shopping and clothes but can't see where that fits in for a job or college major? Atlantic Cape Community College is looking for you.

The New Jersey school announced on Monday that it will be offering a new "retail training program" to students who want to learn to sell clothing and land high-ranking jobs in the retail industry.

The five week program "provides students with a retail readiness assessment test, computer training, career counseling, job bank and fairs, as well as workshops" and also "offers training for people currently in the industry who are looking to advance in their career."

Many college students have summer jobs in retail, and might end up working the same places after graduation. Atlantic Cape's program sounds like it would be helpful to students who want to become better salespeople and continue on in retail careers. Now if only more 4-year schools offered majors that were half as useful...

Source:Women's Wear Daily

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