Hautelinks: Week of 9/3/15

This week's list features the best "Back to Hogwarts" tweets, VMA beauty looks, Labor Day celebration ideas, and more.
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Ooh, interesting: What's the most popular handbag in your state?

In case you missed the VMAs, NYLON breaks down the best beauty looks from the ceremony.

15 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn from Disney Princesses, via PopSugar.

There's a new line of Harry Potter-inspired lipsticks and we're going to be buying every last one of 'em.

Also HP-related: the best "Back to Hogwarts" tweets.

You've heard of contouring when it comes to makeup, but what about HAIR contouring? Apparently it's the latest thing.

One of our beauty inspiration faves, Olivia Culpo, shares her favorite makeup tips and tricks.

Also from Byrdie, why Kylie Jenner has been wearing a wig.

Very cool: Why Riccardo Tisci Decided to Make Givenchy's NYFW Show Public. Would be so awesome to score a ticket!

This colorful DIY wall art project would look awesome in your room or dorm room.

Refinery 29 has some September outfit ideas to inspire you.

Also from Refinery, a look at the future of wearable tech.

Taylor Swift just released her new music video for Wildest Dreams, and while we love that she's donating the proceeds to protect African wildlife, we're disappointed by the lack of thought behind the theme. NPR explains why the video is problematic.

Get going on your fall shopping with Popsugar's guide to kick-starting your fall wardrobe.

Also from Popsugar, the best shoes to buy at H&M right now.

Cupcakes & Cashmere has some ultra-chic storage ideas for those looking to organize their study space.

Cute decor DIY: Color-Tinted Skeleton Leaves.

NYLON found out the average age where we start to feel like "adults". This explains so much.

xoVain tests the weirdest Pinterest beauty hacks to find out which actually work.

Last-Minute Ideas for Labor Day, via the Free People blog. What are your Labor Day plans?

Is Malia Obama fashion's new it girl? The Times investigates.

For the busy college student, 3-ingredient dinners that actually look amazing!

Related: Tips for being healthy in college.

The worst day has come, Netflix is deleting The Hunger Games and many more this month. Get your watching in now...

Woah, Google unveils a new logo after almost 17 years!

In music news, Miley Cyrus just released a new album for free this week. 

WaPo did a somber piece on a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina and how the town they relocated to gradually withdrew its hospitality. NSFW for some offensive language.

From Teen Vogue, the first day of school - as told in Gossip Girl gifs.

For our fellow purple fans, Into the Gloss shows you how to wear the purple beauty trend this fall.

Bustle shows you how to learn to love your imperfections, with some real-world examples from awesome women. Very cool.

HelloGiggles takes a look at the diversity seen in September magazines.

Ah, this page of daily planner eye candy will inspire you to get more organized.

A few images from the new Angry Birds movie have been released - interested to see how this film does.

The Beauty Department has a guide to applying bronzer.

OMG, if you think you've had a bad roommate, these crazy bad roommate stories may change your mind.

Oreo White Chocolate Popcorn recipe. Yup, making.

Love the idea behind the Dressbarn - yes, Dressbarn - fall campaign.

Darling Magazine featured 3 fashion icons with classic style that have inspired fashionistas for decades.

With the colder months almost upon us, Elle is begging us to stop wearing leggings as pants. Are you pro or anti leggings-as-pants?

Lauren Conrad shares 10 September Style Tips.

If you end up with extra time this month, The Glitter Guide's September Must-Read Book List is full of great picks!

And finally... you really need to see this hot doctor and his dog. You are all welcome.

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