Hautelinks: Week of 9/17/15

See Kylie Jenner's new beauty website, happiness mantras to live by, Jennifer Lawrence's advice for dealing with anxiety, and more.
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This week Kylie Jenner announced her new beauty website... except it's not quite what we were expecting.

The Ultimate Guide to Fall's Top Beauty Trends, via Byrdie.

Obsessed with this crashing waves mani from xoVain. Perfectly grungy for the fall season.

The Happiness Mantra I Live By. Love Emily's happiness philosophy and the other ones she shared. So much inspiration in this post.

YES: Outfits Inspired by Penny Lane in Almost Famous! Forever my fashion idol.

You've tried the unicorn hair trend, now how do you bring your hair back to normal again? Lucky has the details.

Love Jennifer Lawrence's advice for those dealing with anxiety.

Exciting! The trailer for The Jungle Book, with voices by Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, was just released. Can't wait for this.

Must-Have Fall Lipsticks to Try, from Fashionisers.

Here's an interesting article about why Americans dress so casually compared to other cultures.

This fascinating piece discusses research that suggests animals can have mental illnesses, and that isolation can have profound effects on animals at the genetic level.

Finally, the deets on the Pottermore relaunch...it's gonna be better than ever before.

Wow! This beauty blogger's candid confession is incredible. Seriously inspiring.

This week, Mashable has a great article covering all of the changes that Snapchat is introducing in its newest update.

What do you guys think about the soon-launching "dislike" button on Facebook?

The most successful women on the planet share how they turned rejection into success. Love this!

Glamour shares this season's hottest new haircut. Would you give it a try?

WhoWhatWear shares a quick trick to make your heels more comfortable. I had never heard of this before and will definitely be testing it out.

Hands up if you can relate to this one: Beware the manic pixie dream boyfriend, via The Cut.

Also from The Cut, Why French Women Don't Contour. Interesting.

One more: What Happens When Kylie Jenner Asks You For a Selfie.

P!nk wrote Ellen's new theme song and it's obviously amazing.

Also amazing, this NY Times piece on dating.

#InMySkinIWin Slays Social Media with Body Positivity. Love this whole movement and those like it. Yes and yes and yes some more.

A very good question: Where Are All the Black Plus-Sized Fashion Icons?

Crazy: This Family Of Four Found Their Dream Home On Craigslist!

Man Repeller has some styling tips inspired by fashion week.

Speaking of NYFW, Stylecaster has a good breakdown of the best street style looks. BRB, pinning them aaaaaaaaaalll.

Lucky also has some NYFW street style snaps to inspire you.

Also from Stylecaster, It Looks Like We’ll All Be Wearing Bucket Hats This Spring.

Chills--on the day before the 14th anniversary of 9/11, a gorgeous rainbow crossed the NYC skyline above One World Trade Center.

And the last known living search and rescue dog from Ground Zero got an adorable and well-deserved 16th birthday honor.

A Beautiful Mess has 12 things to add to your fall bucket list.

We just discovered Cosmic Cuties, hand-drawn zines about space girls fighting sexism. J'adore.

Healthier versions of your favorite fall treats, via Buzzfeed. Yay!

From Refinery 29, 6 Inspired Ways To Wear Denim To The Office.

Fun way to waste a few minutes: Take the plant personality quiz! I got Ginger Passionflower Peppermint - what about you?

Definitely trying this cauliflower rice burrito bowl recipe.

Speaking of food, here are some great lunch packing tips for foods of all kinds.

5 Ways to Conquer Your Daily Routine, from Pure Wow.

The Glitter Guide shares 8 ways to drink more water. I just got the Plant Nanny water app - it's totally silly but I swear it's changed my life.

Who knew you could make so many things in a coffee pot?

Hahaha: Guys try crazy Miley Cyrus outfits.

Leslie Knope's 33 Best Lines. This is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Ariana Grande does one excellent Britney impression. Her Christina Aguilera is on point as well.

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