Hautelinks: Week of 8/27/15

This week's link list has tips for thrifting, Mary-Kate and Ashley's 75-year-old fashion muse, fall beauty trends to try, and more.
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Refinery 29 has the sneak peek at Taylor Swift's new music video for "Wildest Dreams."

Lucky Magazine highlights the coolest back-to-school clutches for the "high-style bookworm" <3

Eye-opening: Salad is a Lie, from The Cut.

The 75-Cent Trick That Dramatically Softened My Bleached-Out Hair, via xoVain. I'm totally trying this.

Squeeze in some time between classes to lower your stress levels (and tighten your core!) with this 5-minute yoga routine from Byrdie.

Beauty Editor explains why shoppers are protesting Sephora's "Epic Rewards" day.

Swedish or Southern? Proof that there's a subculture out there for everyone.

10 things to stop doing at the supermarket, from Refinery29.

So much inspiration: 13 Incredible Beauty Looks from the Afropunk Festival.

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley's 75-year-old fashion muse.

Seems like an obvious tip, but here's how to apply lipstick without a mirror.

Is your home state the most wrinkle-prone state in America? Haute Spotter has all the info.

Fashionisers has details on how Marc Jacobs plans his Fashion Week party.

Clearly not real, but hilarious (NSFW due to language): Joey Fatone to One Direction: "Everything is About to be Terrible".

We blogged earlier this week about open-back tops. The Sartorialist is obsessed with this look, too. 

Pretty awesome: Stephen Hawking may have solved a huge mystery about black holes.

Designer speaks out against police brutality at NYFW.

Ooooh: Look Inside Banksy’s Creepy Disney-Inspired Amusement Park.

NSFW but funny: What it's like to be a girl who loves to swear.

31 Signs You Aren't Getting Enough Vitamins, from Harper's Bazaar. 

The Man Repeller tackles the age-old question: Who pays on a date?

J.Law and Amy Schumer making a movie together? Yessssss!

Are you loving '90s makeup as much as we are right now? E! shows you how to get the celebrity-inspired look for fall.

Speaking of fall, here's how fashionistas are styling backpacks on the street

Here's a great look at the inspiration behind the latest Valentino couture collection.

The feels are hitting hard with this One Tree Hill reunion.

Going thrifting soon? Here are 20 tips to help you score big on your next trip.

Aerie has released the first images from their un-retouched campaign with Emma Roberts. Love these and her!

Several people have Hermione Granger tattoos, apparently.

Here's a cute Youtube vid on the right way to stack your rings.

Bank account feeling a little drained right now? Darling Magazine shares some all natural beauty remedies you can make at home.

If you, like me, are obsessed with British TV, here are 5 British TV shows to Watch from Geek & Sundry.

Pumpkin spice latte M&M's? Definitely need to try!

Because a pink iPhone would complete my life, ok? Elle shares everything they know about the 6S coming this Fall! 

Here's a very humbling look into the stigma against menstrual periods in developing countries and what art students have done to combat it.

The Everygirl has 7 Fall Beauty Trends to Try Now.

Here's a way to get Hailey Baldwin's super cute suede mini skirt look on a budget.

If you're currently re-reading Harry Potter for the 11 millionth time (I may be doing the same thing, ahem), here are some other magical books to try next.

Some apartment-hunting help, city by city.

Loved this Elle slideshow on how to recreate iconic cartoon characters' outfits (since they always wear the same thing) from Sailor Moon to Debbie Thornberry.

Ever wonder what it's like to be a visual merchandiser? WhoWhatWear has the inside scoop.

Good to know: Lint rollers have more uses than you think.

And finally... A Cat Hung Around A High School So Much That They Made Him A Student.

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