Hautelinks: Week of 8/20/15

Read about changes to the Pumpkin Spice Latte, style commandments to follow in your 20s, Harry Potter vs. Harry Styles, and more!
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This funny piece on cell phone use is too perfect. 

News alert: Starbucks is making big changes to everyone's favorite fall drink!

10 Style Commandments You Need to Follow in Your 20's.

Related: 8 Outfits Every 20-Something Should Try.

From Refinery 29: How to Start Mixing Your Summer and Fall Pieces Now.

Have you been applying your makeup in the wrong order? From Byrdie: So, You’ve Been Applying Your Makeup Wrong.

Also from Byrdie, the best Essie shades of all time. Do you own them all?

Bookmark this for your next trip: 23 Perfect Travel Outfits From Real Girls on the Go.

And we thought we couldn't love Zendaya more: The young starlet tackles cultural appropriation while launching her own shoe line.

Eek: Is American Apparel a dead brand walking?

Lana Del Rey released a new music video this week. Check out "High by the Beach".

In honor of the new Star Wars movie, here's an article all about the different music used in the previous films.

Loved this cool piece about success from Rookie.

Celebs, they're just like us! Kendall Jenner was spotted in some affordable overalls from Forever 21

In 2016, a record 51 million young women will be eligible to vote. Glamour's new section of their site has everything you need to become a more informed voter.

WHAAT: Airbus just patented a jet that could fly from London to New York in 1 hour.

Naturally Curly shows you how to find your hair curl type.

Yup. Being single as told by Disney princesses.

In case anyone missed it, here's Heidi Klum's awesome reaction to Donald Trump's lame "diss". And we also loved her Access Hollywood interview where she talked about it on a more serious level.

40 Simple Ways to Perk Up Your Day, from Thought Catalog.

The Muse has some gorgeous and inspiring photos from Malaysian Fashion Week.

So inner conflict-inducing: Do you belong with Harry Potter or Harry Styles?

Speaking of which, we are lusting after these Harry Potter school supplies.

The Cut explains why moms love Snapchat. Thankful that my mom hasn't caught the bug yet...

Fun: This interactive map of the U.S. will tell you which emojis your state uses more than any others.

We loved ELLE's interview with Melissa McCarthy. It's impossible not to like her.

Here's what happens when real boyfriends wear boyfriend jeans.

Lauren Conrad has some basic tips on using eyeshadow if you aren't sure where to begin with it.

Hahaha: If "Gossip Girl" characters were dating apps.

How to get lipstick out of anything, from Into the Gloss.

YAAAASS: Taylor's guests on the 1989 World Tour just keep getting better.

Real Simple has some unexpected items you should pack for college.

Modern Family's Ariel Winter Opens Up About Her Decision to Have Breast Reduction Surgery.

How to deal with street harassment, from HelloGiggles.

Beyonce Being Artsy at her Vogue Cover Shoot. <3

InStyle gives you a sneak peek at Lauren Conrad's Fashion Week prep.

How to wear everything you've been told not to, from Glamour.

Achieve a functional and beautifully styled dresser with these tips from The Everygirl:  2 Ways to Make the Most of Styling Your Dresser.

Bookmark this! The Beauty Department shares a list of their top makeup hacks.

Check out these 13 fun ideas for styling your Birkenstock sandals! From The Glitter Guide, 5 Ways To Style Birkenstocks.

Aww: All these dogs want to do is be friends, but these cats are NOT having it.

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