Hautelinks: Week of 8/13/15

Behind the scenes at Shop Jeen, PLL Season 6 Finale details, plus - who's on the cover of Vogue's September Issue? We've got it all and more.
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Closet Clean Out: Tips for Selling Your Clothes, via Cupcakes + Cashmere. So helpful!

Also from Cupcakes + Cashmere, Emily highlights some great on-set beauty secrets.

Big news: One of our faves is going to be on the cover of Vogue's September Issue.

ICYMI, the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 finale was this week and some MAJOR stuff was revealed. Refinery 29 breaks it all down (obvious spoiler alert!) plus lists some questions we still need answered.

With the disappearance of the @DKNYPRGirl account on Twitter, Refinery 29 discusses the end of social media fashion "voices".

Beauty Editor lists the best summer fragrances of 2015.

Byrdie has some morning routine hacks to cut your get-ready time in half.

Also from Byrdie, how a top nutritionist meal-preps for the week. Love the tip of salad one day, frittata the next, pasta the next.

<3 Taylor Swift Gives Powerful Advice to a Tumblr Fan Scared of Going Back to School.

For my fellow ladies with out-of-control baby hair, here's a guide to taming them once and for all.

From The Cut: David Foster Wallace, Beloved Author of Bros. In my experience, there does seem to be something to this stereotype.

The Cut also did a long and fascinating piece on Erin Yogasundram, the young woman behind the popular Shop Jeen brand.

Yikes: Please do not try DIY braces, guys.

Lucky Mag lists some super stylish desk accessories to help you get an Instagram-worthy workspace.

Also from Lucky, a fall hair trend preview

xoVain shares the beauty products you loved in HS that are still awesome today. And yes to the final section - RIP, Dessert Beauty!

ICYMI, the internet has an amazing new Harry Potter theory about character parallels to the Tale of the Three Brothers. Feels.

Eek! The Olsen twins were just slapped with a huge lawsuit.

Style.com has beauty tips from the French. Who doesn't want to know their secrets?

Star Wars fans, listen up: EW has some exclusive new pics from The Force Awakens.

The silver lining of fall approaching (other than fashion, obvs) -- a new season of TV! Buzzfeed highlights some of the shows they're most looking forward to.

In other fall TV news, HelloGiggles has your fall TV premiere schedule ready to go.

The new season of American Horror Story is getting close, and HelloGiggles shares some inside knowledge regarding Lily Rabe's chilling new role.

Minimalist Baker shows you how to switch up your fruit salad.

This is a fun one: Which Disney Princess Are You, Based on Would You Rather Questions. I got Pocahontas - what about you?!

A little racerback tank inspiration. I've always loved this look so much.

Fascinating reading: Hijabi Lolita: Conversations on Faith, Fashion, and Fandom from Geek & Sundry.

Host the perfect ladies' night in with these tips from Lauren Conrad.

10 Things Girls in their Twenties Need to Stop Worrying About, via Buzzfeed.

Exciting! A new Tolkien story is being published.

Stop everything: Beyonce has her own line of flash tattoos.

21 Beauty Icons Who Aren't Marilyn Monroe, via Buzzfeed.

Bustle ranks the most popular beauty brands on social media. Do you follow any of these?

Nordstrom's B.P. Fashion Blog shows us how to style a statement shoe

The Absurdity of Women's Clothing Sizes, in One Chart. No matter what size you are, we can all relate to this. It's crazy!

The Budget Babe did a fun piece on fashion inspired by the Wet Hot American Summer reboot on Netflix. 

Woah: This drive-thru restaurant will help you think twice about fast food.

Fresh out of school and venturing into the job market? The Everygirl shares 8 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid.

18 Reminders You Need When Things Don't Go Your Way, via Marc & Angel Hack Life.

Via The Glitter Guide, 20 Ways To Relax When You’ve Only Got 20 Minutes.

On Being the Single Girl at a Wedding, via Darling Magazine - this is breathtakingly honest and should be reassuring.

Sometimes, the best journeys are on the page.

The dos and don'ts of texting etiquette, via MyDomaine.

Halloween may still be a few months away, but it's never too early to start making some awesome spooky plans. Haunted houses, anyone?

A Pair + A Spare shows you how to turn a mens shirt into an off-the-shoulder dress.

Understanding the Diderot Effect (and How To Overcome It). If you've ever found that one new purchase seems to lead to another, READ THIS!

And finally... 26 Struggles Every Dogless Dog-Lover Will Understand.

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