Hautelinks: Week of 7/30/15

The new Converse Chuck Taylor design, Alexander Wang's departure from Balenciaga, a "Guess My Hogwarts House" quiz and more!
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Have you seen Converse's new Chuck Taylor design? PopSugar has the deets.

If you don't know how to mix your lipstick shades, you are missing out. It's a game changer!

For your next trip (or trip back to school!), some must-know packing hacks.

Related: 12 Simple Ways To Be A Less-Stressed Traveler.

If you are sick of bronzer, this "rose gold glow" summer beauty tutorial is for you.

Are MK&A in for "Fuller House"?! Eeeee!

For my fellow pale ladies, Byrdie lists our best nail polish shades.

How Kristin Cavallari Does It All (and Still Looks Amazing). Loved the tips she'd give her 18-year-old self.

Kinda NSFW: R29 has an interesting look at what's been considered "sexy" throughout history.

Alexander Wang is stepping down at Balenciaga and Fashionista has the details.

The Cut takes a look back at Alexander Wang's Greatest Balenciaga Hits.

SO COOL: The Arizona Cardinals have hired the NFL's first female coach.

Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere shares how she balances her life. Love the idea of nightly gratitude lists!

The Best Liberal Arts Colleges With High Post-Grad Salaries. Did your school make the list?

5 Beauty Loyalty Clubs Worth Joining, for our fellow makeup addicts.

Oh boy: Harry Potter fans, just try not to cry at this "See You Again" mashup. ALL THE FEELS.

Also: Can Buzzfeed correctly guess your Hogwarts house?

Your weekend playlist is set, courtesy of Rookie Mag.

I'm obsessed with the silver hair trend so of course I loved this silver hair roundup from Bustle.

Also, tortoiseshell hair has us very intrigued.

Another trend to love: White denim! It's everywhere this season.

A reading list curated for the characters of Clueless. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Johnny Depp's daughter is the new face of Chanel.

Talk about getting ready fast: Top Knot in 45 Seconds.

This Pop Goes Punk cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" is weirdly good. 

In case you missed it, Buzzfeed has the video of and commentary on Cara Delevingne's ultra-awkward interview with Good Morning Sacramento.

A show about the modeling world? In the '80s? Directed by Cindy Crawford?! Yeah, we'll be watching this.

Want thicker eyelashes? Try this little trick from The Beauty Department.

In other beauty news, these lipstick hacks are worth knowing if you love your lip colors.

Sincerely Jules is channeling the '70s and we are ALL ABOUT IT.

Natural hair, don't care. These celebrity 'grams will give you natural hair envy.

A sneak peek at fall 2015 beauty trends, from Into The Gloss.

I don't know how I feel about the "eyebrow extensions" trend. Thoughts, guys?

This Is Your Body on a Shame Spiral. This post examines the physical effects of our most embarrassing moments (aside from bruised knees and twisted ankles).

9 Signs It's Time to Change Your Mindset. "And make no mistake about it, the battle you are going through isn’t fueled by the words or actions of others; it isn’t fueled by what did or didn’t happen in the past; it’s fueled by your mind that gives negativity importance."

This may be the ideal poolside drink: Frozen rosemary watermelon-ade.

For those 21-plus: Spiked vanilla-coconut pink iced tea lattes. Yes, please!

Nail masks are the new sheet masks, apparently. I really want to try these.

If depressing news headlines get you down (ugh, Cecil the lion!), Darling Magazine has a list of positive podcasts you can listen to on your way to work or class.

HelloGiggles asks: Are you an ambivert? I definitely identify with this - do you?

Also from HG, how to stay in contact with siblings while you're away at school.

10 Things You Can't Miss in NYC, for those visiting the city soon.

A touching step forward in the shoe industry: Nike collaborates with a teen in their latest shoe design

Designlovefest has some new wallpapers to make your laptop ultra-pretty.

Milk Bubble Tea shares the 6 apps she's loving lately. Adding Plant Nanny and Balanced to my to-download list.

Love these DIY graphic beach towels from Studio DIY.

Turn your old tee shirt into a trendy halter top! A Pair and a Spare shows you how.

The Business of Fashion asks: Will NYFW-Mens work?

Nutella S'Mores Puff Pastry Pop Tarts. No comment needed.

Love the idea of hanging artwork instead of a headboard in your room.

If you need a dose of cuteness, here is a video of Johnny Depp feeding a baby bat

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