Hautelinks: Week of 7/23/15

Selfie tips from Instagram's most followed celebs, Cara Delevingne beatboxing, and Taylor Swift's clothing line feature in this link list.
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Want to get your selfie game on point? Check out these tips from Instagram’s most followed celebs.

Cara Delevingne beatboxing is the best thing ever.

Everyone is talking about this new Disney-Pixar trailer. This film looks so sweet.

Speaking of sweet... homemade soft serve, you guys. Homemade. Soft serve.

Watch this man’s reaction as he sees purple, pink, and green for the first time ever!

Got sensitive skin AND acne? xoVain has your perfect skincare lineup.

Daniel Radcliffe took over the NYLON receptionist desk for a day and it's everything.

10 Makeup Skills Every Woman Should Master Before Age 30.

NEWS ALERT: Taylor Swift is launching her own clothing line - but with a catch.

Fashionista reviews the eight best drugstore brow products.

Straight from the pros, some must-read tips on working in the fashion industry.

When it comes to first date makeup, are you more LA or New York?

Did you see Kim Kardashian's Vogue Spain shoot? I'm a little bit obsessed with it - so nice to see her looking normal-ish.

Amy Schumer is absolutely killing it these days. Adore her!

This incredible latte art roundup has us craving caffeine even more than usual.

Would you go braless for a full week?

So cool: NASA's Keplar Mission has discovered a "bigger, older cousin to Earth". 

Learn how to layer your fragrances for a one-of-a-kind sent.

Also scent-related: How To Tell If Your Fragrance Has Turned Bad.

People Magazine tracked down the cast of Clueless for a "Where Are They Now?" piece.

Related: 13 Ways You & Your BFF Are Just Like Cher and Dionne.

One more: The definitive word on what the Clueless cast would wear today, straight from the film's costume designer.

YUM: 4-Ingredient Sea Salt and Honey Ice Cream.

Really, DM? Daily Mail Asked UK Minister If She Weighed As Much As Kate Middleton

How to Stuff a Duvet Cover, for all you back-to-school decorators.

Fun: Talenti Gelato has a new campaign that analyzes your social media posts to match a gelato to your personality.

True Confessions with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. <3

Get your laptop lookin' good with these free wallpapers from DesignLovefest.

HAHA: How do I eyeliner?

Jane Austen fans, here's your UK travel to-do list!

These love at first sight stories will make a believer out of you.

Buzzfeed's "Who's the best dressed celeb in Hollywood" poll is basically an impossible decision.

Do you waste money in these silly ways? ATM fees are basically a "lack of planning tax".

Okay, this is just fun: Guess the teen movie from the line drawing.

The Coveteur rounds up the best tech apps to fuel your workout.

For when you're sick of plain agua: 3 infused water recipes!

How to Flare your Lashes. Love this look.

If you, like me, are BFFs with your Nutribullet: 19 Easy Blender Recipes to Help You Eat Healthier.

Rihanna debuted the first ad for her new fragrance and it's fab.

The EveryGirl has a desk styled three ways: for the college student, the post-grad, and the career woman.

And here are a few ways to store makeup in your dorm.

Slay, lil' prince.

While summer is the perfect season to unwind and let loose, it's still important to take care of yourself, inside and out.

For those of legal drinking age: 10 wines to drink with ice cream. YES.

A Buzzfeed writer wears heels every day for a week and reports back. Health concerns aside, heels do make you feel fabulous.

28 Fictional Restaurants That Should Actually Be Real. YAAASS to The Bronze, Luke's Diner, and Mendl's!

Moving in with a significant other? Here's a guide to decorating an apartment with your other half.

Life-management tips from a celebrity personal assistant, via MyDomaine.

Ever heard of method dressing? You may already be doing it.

Seventeen shows you how to make your own cute beach tote.

And finally, all overly-energetic cats should come with one of these.

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