Hautelinks: Week of 7/16/15

Today's list includes Caitlyn Jenner's ESPY's speech, Taylor Swift's most high-fashion outfit yet, the new low-priced J.Crew line, and more.
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In case you missed the ESPYs last night, you'll want to check out Caitlyn Jenner's inspiring speech ASAP. <3 <3

7 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for Beauty Products Again, from Byrdie.

Emily from Cupcakes + Cashmere shares the 15 best things she ever ate.

Ooh, this is exciting: J. Crew released a new lower-priced clothing line.

Lucky Magazine asks: Could this be T.Swift's most high-fashion look yet?

First there was #TheDress. Now it's #TheShoe. Which nail polish color matches this shoe the best? The debate is tearing nations apart.

Refinery 29 names the must-have pieces for looking stylish in hot weather.

Also from Refinery, a roundup of female cosplayers at Comic-Con, which features our very own Geek Chic columnist Shannon! (She's dressed as Mulan, the very first slide.)

NYLON has deets on the upcoming live-action Aladdin prequel.

Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk? One of the best things I read all week.

Bill Murray nails the truth about Miley Cyrus.

Would you try sand art hair? We're intrigued...

In case you missed it, NASA made big news this week when their New Horizons spacecraft sent back the first images of Pluto after a ten year approach. SO COOL.

And here's the first close-up image of Pluto's surface, at .4km/pixel.

SheFinds has a clever hack for storing your sunglasses this summer.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have a new movie coming out together in December and our excitement can't be contained. 

Also exciting: Lena Dunham is launching a weekly newsletter and it sounds incred.

If you miss The Rachel Zoe Project as much as we do, good news: Rachel is returning to TV this fall with a brand new show!

These look beyond amazing: Late Night Snacksicles.

Speaking of Yum, World of Wanderlust lists the top 12 pastry shops in Paris.

Holy OMG, my dreams will be shattered if this is a hoax: Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are Teaming Up to Make a Zombie Movie.

Flavorwire lists 50 of the greatest summer reads of all time.

Inspiration alert: The Blonde Salad lists their favorite F/W 2015-16 fashion ad campaigns.

Cuteness: These couples parodied "Shut Up and Dance" to announce their pregnancies.

Loved this piece from The Atlantic: When You Give a Tree an Email Address.

We all love outlet stores, but could they be hurting their respective parent companies? Must-read for fashion business nerds.

Listen up: If you’ve ever wanted to be on Game of Thrones, now is your chance to apply!

Glamour rounds up the most princess-worthy gowns from the couture shows.

NPR shares an interesting piece about the relationship between Women's sports and their female fans.

Aw, Taylor Swift posted an adorable throwback picture with Nick Jonas.

So true: If Male Actors Were Described The Way Female Actors Are.

Need some internship outfit ideas? Harper's Bazaar has you covered.

Also from Harper's Bazaar, a guide to surfer girl beauty.

Love this idea: HERStory apparel is a new feminist clothing line with an ultra positive message.

WhoWhatWear did a great feature on the best color to wear for your skin tone. I've always loved wearing the shade that matches me - this seems accurate!

From StyleCaster, 15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Dry Shampoo.

How to Not Take Things So Personally, from The Positivity Blog.

YES. A million times yes - let's all remember this: This Brilliant Chart Shows How Women with the Same BMI Can Have *Completely* Different Bodies.

Coconut water caught your attention this summer? Here are 3 more plant-based waters you should try.

The Everygirl shows you the right way to air dry your hair.

This free e-book has compiled Kanye West quotes for your reading pleasure.

12 Incredible Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow. If you want to feel jealous but inspired.

Have you guys heard of clown contouring? It seems totally insane but the results do look great...

And finally... cat toes

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