Hautelinks: Week of 4/9/15

This week's Hautelinks list includes drugstore dupes for cult-favorite lipsticks, Lauren Conrad's Minnie Mouse inspiration, spring bag trends, and much more.
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Best thing I saw all week: John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden on Last Week Tonight. The angle they took with this is brilliant!

Popsugar has a great roundup of spring bag trends.

xoVain shares drugstore dupes for cult favorite high-end lipsticks. These are really close!

Yet another beautifully inspiring and uplifting Dove campaign, via Refinery 29.

Style.com shows you how to replicate the colorful liner seen at Fendi SS '15.

The Daily Mail has a behind-the-scenes look at the amazing ballgown from the new Cinderella flick and how it came to be.

How to Feel More Confident in 60 Seconds, via the Coveteur.

Could you go without makeup for a full year? Beauty aficionados, I see you recoiling in horror!

From The Cut, Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Explains Contouring.

How to do Paris on a Budget, from NYLON mag. 

Imagine How Crazy Times Square Will Be With Ads in 3-D, via NyMag. So cool!

Food for thought: NASA scientists are expecting to discover signs of alien life in the next ten years. 

*Possibly triggering*: How to not get raped, by Anna Akana. Spoiler alert: it's not your responsibility. 

Whether you're a fan of hers or not, you have to admit, Kristen Stewart is never boring.

Looking for a way to get over you ex without endless tubs of Ben and Jerry's? This is how to get over a guy in 10 days, from the Odyssey. 

Oh boy: This Is How A Bunch Of Today’s Teens Reacted To ’90s Music.

The horror of Amazon's new Dash button, via the New Yorker.

Omg, amazing: When Jon Snow comes to a dinner party.

33 Gorgeous DIY Projects to Decorate Your Grown Up Apartment, via Buzzfeed.

Also from Buzzfeed, the 3 best yoga poses for stress relief.

One more Buzzfeed: What It Looks Like When A Non-Model Expertly Spoofs High-Fashion Ads.

If your favorite Disney characters had Instagram, it would probably look like this.

If you're in need of new workout clothes, SheFinds shows you where to get Lea Michele's favorite gym outfit for under $40.

Taylor Swift's family Easter egg hunt is just too cute.

How do you feel about Snapchat's new friend emojis? (I will admit, I'm not a Snapchat user - fill me in?)

<3 <3 <3 this: Karlie Kloss's scholarship for women who want to learn how to code.

ELLE has a gallery of Amal Clooney's amazing style moments.

41 handy style charts, via Buzzfeed.

Related: Fashion in Infographics might just be our new favorite blog.

Important scientific experiment: Someone took the time to figure out which Reese's candy contains the most peanut butter.

Mindy Kaling Quotes For Every Situation, via HelloGiggles.

Haha, we definitely enjoyed Anne Hathaway’s Lip Sync Battle.

Lauren Conrad has a new style inspiration: Minnie Mouse.

Vogue has 5 Takes on the Most Flattering Spring Trends, to help you decide which ones to rock.

Quiz time: What's your music festival girl spirit animal? I got Kate Bosworth. Who did you get?

Ooh, another good quiz: Which wonderful feminist TV character is your kindered spirit? Yaaass, I got Ilana Wexler!

To rush or not to rush, that is the question. (Via Sorority Lyfe)

A writer from xoJane dressed like a model from three popular brands.

So much awkward: Exes cuddle again for the first time in years. Eek!

The Beauty Department did a super pretty spring makeup look featuring peachy tones.

Michelle Phan has a super quick and easy DIY sheet face mask.

WhoWhatWear lists the 7 best fashion blogs by older women. Love!

Kiss those daily Starbucks runs goodbye with these easy steps for a great cup of coffee at home.

The first-timer's guide to Coachella... even though I'm not going, this makes me wish I was!

BRB, adopting all the dogs. From HelloGiggles, Facebook changed this dog’s life in the absolute best way possible.

And finally... LOOK AT THIS TINY FOX!!!! Smiles guaranteed.

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