Hautelinks: Week of 4/30/15

Ways to help Nepal, a "Starbucks name" quiz, Olsen twin TV news, and more feature in this week's list.
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This week, an earthquake in Nepal claimed thousands of lives. To help, here are some vetted charities who could use your contribution.

Also in the news this week, Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender woman. I recommend watching the full interview if time allows; it was informative and heartwarming.

Related: The "paint your nails for Bruce" movement is pretty cool.

Haha! What's your Starbucks name? Mine is Zimond.

Olsen fans, get excited: Mary-Kate and Ashley's early shows and movies are coming to your TV!

Such lipstick. Very red. Wow. 

From NPR, Bud Light Pulls Label With Message That Sparked Backlash

Interesting: Women's makeup throughout history, via YouTube.

See also: The history of skinny jeans, from Refinery 29.

If your boyfriend's sense of style is lacking, Divine Caroline shows you how to help him out.

The Cut asks, Am I Allowed to Make My MyIdol Super Hot? We're all in favor. Have you tried this app yet?

Watch Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo flip the script of typical sexist interviews. Love it!

Refinery 29 shows you how to style our current favorite haircut, the layered long bob.

Anticipating some free time this summer? Here are 50 movies you should see in your lifetime, via HelloGiggles.

See also: 26 Books From Around The World You Need to Read Before You Die, via Buzzfeed.

Wait, what?? RIP, Revenge.

ELLE celebrates 100 Years of Beauty in Mexico.

Also from ELLE, Google is Now Predicting What You’ll Be Wearing Next Year.

Some nice beauty inspiration, courtesy of Vogue.

Aw, congrats to newlyweds Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder!

Very important: Lady Gaga got a new French Bulldog puppy.

Cookies for breakfast? You've piqued our interest, Buzzfeed.

While we're talking delicious, three words: Nutella puppy chow.

Cosmo's horoscope this week comes complete with your spirit Disney Channel character. The best.

Speaking of Disney, the newest DCOM is all about classic characters' descendants... and we can't wait.

22 Pics That Accurately Sum Up the End of the Semester.

Buzzfeed asks, Can We Guess How You’re Feeling Today?

Forget current street style, let's get inspired by some vintage street style photography.

Michelle Phan has a DIY citrus scrub for your skin.

As if we all weren't already obsessed with GoT...

Racked shows you a day in the life of a toddler style blogger. (Yes, toddler!)

70 Beyonce songs in 4 minutes? It can be done, and here's proof.

Are you guilty of this resume faux pas? From HelloGiggles, The one font you definitely shouldn’t use on your résumé.

This girl is brave, y'all. From ELLE, I Let My Tinder Matches Dress Me for a Week.

And finally... otter with otter stuffed animal. <3 Happy almost-weekend, guys!

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