Hautelinks: Week of 3/26/15

We've got Voldemort in curlers, Ariana Grande's Celine Dion impression, tips on what to wear to interviews, and much more.
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Love: 10 Men Made Hotter by the Fact That They're Feminists.

This post on procrastination is one of the best I've ever read. Although I'm much less of a procrastinator than I used to be (yay, adulthood!), it definitely hit home on a few points. 1000% worth the read!

The '00s Trends That Still Influence My Style, from Thought Catalog. Can you guys relate to any of these?

Wow, this is both heartbreaking and heartwarming: A surgeon's last message for his daughter.

It looks like one of our favorite childhood films, "The Little Mermaid", has some explaining to do

LOVE the women from Game of Thrones, via Fashionista.

We are kinda loving black clothes for spring as a refreshing change, and Nylon's with us - are you?

Who knew Voldemort could pull off curlers so well? You go on with your bad self, Dark Lord.

First, you got smacked in the face with that VS Angel wing. Now, you do an amazing Celine Dion impression. Ariana Grande, you never fail to make us laugh. 

Serial podcast listeners, while you're currently freaking out waiting for Season 2, there's been a recent development in Adnan Syed's case

PopSugar has some transitional spring looks to inspire you during this "in-between" season.

When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year: TED Talks to watch when every conceivable bad thing has just happened to you.

Or, if that doesn't work, this video of an adorable Golden Retriever with hilariously bad depth perception will put a smile on your face.

Lucy Hale did an awesome shoot and interview with Yahoo Style.

For those of legal drinking age, The Beauty Department shows you how to look good when you're hung over.

JK Rowling, can you do no wrong? From HelloGiggles: JK Rowling just schooled Twitter on Dumbledore’s sexual orientation —and LBGT equality.

Wow! It's been 10 years since The Office premiered! See where the actors are now, via The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking of The Office, here are the 50 funniest moments from the show.

In case you missed it, Angelina Jolie wrote a powerful op-ed for the NY Times about her choice to undergo surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Very cool that she's speaking out about this!

On the same subject, HelloGiggles discusses What Angelina Jolie’s Op-ed Means for Women.

i-D did a great feature on young activists who are changing the world.

Emily Nussbaum reviews our new favorite show, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", for The New Yorker.

Quiz time! What type of sense of humor do you have?

Accurate: 21 Women Explain What Having Your Period Feels Like.

Lauren of La Petite Fashionista rounds up her favorite spring trends (shout out to matching separates and gingham, two of our recent Test Drive column topics). 

5 Nude Pink Lipsticks for Spring, via xoVain.

Speaking of beauty, ELLE breaks down the Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Habits.

More beauty: Women Try Kylie Jenner Lips For The First Time.

Interested in photography or just want to up your selfie game? This article from Shrimp Salad Circus has great tips for taking pictures and editing with your phone or point-and-shoot camera.

Also cool: How to turn your iPhone into a photo projector.

Could You Win the National Spelling Bee? It's time to find out.

An empowering and fascinating article from The New York Times: How ‘Flawless’ Became a Feminist Declaration.

In true Sarah Jessica Parker fashion, the actress celebrated her 50th birthday fabulously. HBD, SJP!

Style.com breaks down the most stylish acts at this year's Lollapalooza fest.

Got any interviews coming up? Michelle Phan has some tips on what to wear.

Related: 5 Ways to Develop Confidence in the Workplace, from The Everygirl.

Also, here are some great pointers for making sure your LinkedIn profile is top-notch, via Darling Magazine.

39 People Reveal Interesting Facts and Secrets About Their Professions, via Thought Catalog (but originally Reddit, three years ago...)

Speaking of stuff taken from Reddit, Awesome career advice from Eva Chen, EIC of Lucky Magazine, via Racked but originally Reddit.

Joanna Goddard shares her favorite things to buy at Trader Joe's. Yes, so much yes, to Cookie Butter.

If you've been wanting to learn to sew, A Beautiful Mess just launched an e-course that will teach you. My sewing skills are just okay, so I'm thinking of signing up for this.

Aaaah, this is too cute: Toddler Meets Garbage Men He Idolizes and He Can't Even.

Speaking of cute, this Blank Space parody is super adorbs.

Even more cute: Why moms love emoji, via the Washington Post.

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