Hautelinks: Week of 3/10/16

Check out the female Ghostbusters trailer, new Pottermore material, tips on saving mega bucks at Sephora, and much more.
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NEWS ALERT: The first trailer for the female Ghostbusters is here!!!

J.K. Rowling just released new material on Pottermore, covering the history of North American magic in the Harry Potter universe.

12 Spring Trends Your Wardrobe is Begging For, via Refinery29.

Emily from Cupcakes + Cashmere shares what she keeps in her fridge at all times. Always love posts like this!

How to Save $$$ at Sephora. This post is awesome. How did I not know about some of these tips?

Oil-Infused Products That Won't Make You Greasy, via Fashionista.

Into Mind has an excellent guide to expanding your fashion comfort zone

Every Killer Outfit Kendall Jenner Wore This Fashion Month, from Popsugar Fashion. She always has amazing style.

Someone found Taylor Swift's high school Myspace page and it's nothing short of amazing.

Eye-opener, especially during spring cleaning season: Here's what really happens when you buy - and then donate - fast-fashion clothes, via Glamour. 

Also from Glamour, how you're washing your hair wrong. I'm so guilty of too-hot showers.

Speaking of hot showers, I'm totally going to try this "shower hack" to prevent red, dry skin from xoVain. It's genius!

Chanel has a new celebrity ambassador and we're pretty excited about the choice.

Worth a read: Glamour's interview with designer Rosie Assoulin is very cool.

This "human library" is such a cool idea for combatting prejudice.

The Budget Babe shows you how to get Reese Witherspoon's ultra-polished spring outfit for less.

The New York Times discusses sexual harassment in STEM fields. Glad they're talking about this.

Buzzfeed has some tips on making your shoes look more expensive.

How well do you know your clothing terms? I got 9/9 (#notsohumblebrag) - what about you?

Omg: This makeup brush cleaning spray is gonna be a game changer!

3 Steps to Living Minimally, from Darling Magazine. I really want to go on a "new stuff hiatus"... after I buy that makeup brush cleaning spray, ahem.

Love this: Refinery29 has a whole section devoted to "spring cleaning your life" - bookmark and go through it this weekend!

If you're thinking of going blonde for the spring/summer season, Marie Claire has the trendiest shades to try.

<3 <3 1 year of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

Buzzfeed shares a new app that's a makeup game-changer for women of color.

How to adjust to life in a new city, from The Everygirl.

If you want to go even bigger than a new city, here's why you should live in a new country at least once in your life.

I enjoyed this long piece on Laura Wasser, the divorce attorney of choice for stars like Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and more.

Super cute idea: A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make your own gold foil phrase sweatshirt.

For grads looking to move to the city: What It Takes to Get a Job in NYC. The first point is HUGE.

International Women's Day was this week - here's how you can shop to show support for women.

Speaking of which: 16 Amazing Women Who Made History — That You've Never Heard Of.

I Went Undercover as a Teen Model - And Here's What I Learned. Fascinating piece from Refinery29.

10 Beauty Tasks to Conquer in March. So many good ones!

For those who like to travel light: How to wash clothes in the sink like a pro, via World of Wanderlust.

The Everygirl has some tips for practicing yoga on the cheap.

And here are some easy exercises you can do at your desk.

And finally... family walk! Too cute.

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