Hautelinks: Week of 2/4/16

Things people wish they had done in their 20s, rainbow bagels, K-dramas to try and more feature in this week's list.
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23 Things People Wish They Had Done in Their 20s. Lots of good advice here.

Love this xoVain tutorial on making waves with your flat iron. So easy and looks fantastic.

Zendaya's stylist discusses the star's best looks. I love insight like this into the styling process!

Refinery29 has some styling tips for when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

ICYMI, Barbie has completely made over their line of dolls to feature more diverse skin, body, and hair types. Plus, fashions we would kill to wear.

On a similar note, watching these grown men play with Barbies is too cute.

These imaginings of what Harry Potter characters would watch on Netflix are some of the best things we've seen.

Speaking of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling has revealed the name and approximate location of the North American school of Wizardry - if you live in the Northeast, it's nearby!

This article shows you how to casually wear sequins.

Also from Glamour, a comprehensive guide to dry shampoo.

Hahaha: The 27 Worst Things About Going to a Stock Photo University.

Would you let your significant other dress you for a week? This girl let her boyfriend dress her for a full 7 days...

WIRED talks about how we are finally getting sustainable fashion and good design with the French sneaker company Veja. 

This is an inspiring story about a schoolgirl trying to find a 1000 books with black girl leads.

This came out in November but I had yet to see it: TED talk about the ultimate secret to a happy life.

See how this woman's body was photoshopped to become "more attractive" by different cultures, and join the conversation about body acceptance in the fashion industry.

Find out if the "five second rule" is a real thing, via HelloGiggles.

Shows that are leaving/have left Netflix in February. So sad about Doctor Who!

Vogue shares some closet organization tips from Marie Kondo.

Here we go: Dov Charney is working on a new American Apparel competitor.

Refinery29 shows you how to find tights that are ultra comfortable.

Would you try red eyeshadow? Kinda liking it, actually.

Need something new to watch on Netflix? How about a K-drama? Here's a list of some of the best ones to try.

Teen Vogue features some teen poets that are making the genre cool again.

These rainbow bagels look amazing! Want.

9 books by women coming out this month, via HelloGiggles.

29 Times Supermodels Totally Dominated the Fashion World. So many good pics.

Did you guys watch Grease Live? If so, E! has a great breakdown of the fashion from the TV event.

DVF's new campaign with Karlie Kloss is all about female empowerment.

Did you know that Gigi Hadid practiced her runway walk with Naomi Campbell? NBD.

Cool idea: There's a new Tinder-style app for female friendships. So far it's only available in a few cities but it's rolling out to more soon.

Fun quiz from WhoWhatWear: Who's your celebrity doppelgänger?

So cool: Acrobats dance to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" on hoverboards.

SO excited to try the new Ben and Jerry's non-dairy flavors! Hope they're as amazing as they look.

And finally... tiny dog wants to bring you the paper!

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