Hautelinks: Week of 2/18/16

Tips for organizing beauty samples, a take on the Taylor/Kanye feud, how to get perfect rainbow hair, and more.
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Refinery29 breaks down the best makeup looks from Monday's Grammys.

Also from Refinery29, layering tips you can learn from NYFW.

How to Organize Those Sephora Samples You've Been Hoarding, via xoVain. I need to do this.

InStyle also has some layering tips for you.

The Daily Beast has a really interesting take on the continuing Kanye-Taylor feud.

Barack and Michelle Obama exchanged Valentine's Day messages on Ellen and it was too cute.

And for more lovey-dovey stuff, these real life meet-cutes are so sweet.

Here's how to try on hairstyles from the Grammys. Fun!

A Beautiful Mess shows you how to get the perfect rainbow hair.

Oh, Joy has a brilliant solution if you love the look of wallpaper but are a renter. I did "easily removable" wallpaper in my last apartment and it was ANYTHING BUT easy to remove. Should have done this instead.

The staff at A Cup of Jo shares their favorite apps. I want to try the Think Dirty one but I'm also scared of what I'll find out about my favorite products...

This NYFW handbag roundup will have you salivating. Want! All of them!

Be able to speak fluent fashion with this designer pronunciation guide, just in time for NYFW recaps.

Buzzfeed takes a look inside Steve Madden's fashion empire. Long but great read!

Yoga sequences for sick days, via PopSugar fitness.

Also fitness-related: 3 Ways to Use a Foam Roller, from Free People's blog. If you don't have a foam roller and exercise regularly, you NEED one. Thank me later.

Love this cool collection of 150 fashion images from WhoWhatWear.

Here are the new products at Ulta you'll want to pick up immediately.

Vox offers proof that today's teens are better than ever. (Bookmark for the next time someone tries to put down millenials!)

Also from Vox, a very interesting take on Oprah's weight journey and what it says about the probability of anyone achieving lasting weight loss.

Bloglovin's own blog shares some tips for traveling solo this year.

Speaking of travel, here are some places where luxury hotels are WAY cheaper than usual

Buzzfeed rounded up some cute shoes under $50.  

Winona, Forever. A great piece on how Winona Ryder is forever attached - in a detrimental way - to the 1990s.

Woah! Don't set your iPhone to this date or else it will "brick".

Interesting: find out which hair colors and hair styles get the most right swipes on Tinder.

Survival tips for blind dates, from The Everygirl.

This is such an interesting idea: A baker turns phrases from break-ups into beautiful desserts.

What 8 Different Women Wore When They Fell in Love. <3

Some designers are banning social media at their fashion shows. Do you like this trend?

Racked did a long and engaging piece on why womens' health magazines are failing these days. A must read if you're at all into fitness.

You need to see Beth Ditto's new plus-size clothing line - too cool!

21 Ways to Stomp Your Inner Critic and Love Yourself. We could all use these reminders.

The Everygirl has some suggestions for a spring capsule wardrobe.

And finally, a man and his dog had a Valentine's Day photo shoot and it was adorbs.

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