Hautelinks: Week of 12/31/15

2015 "best of" and roundup lists abound in the last Hautelinks list of the year.
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Refinery29 lists the year's best Instagram-famous beauty products.

Also from Refinery, 8 Style Commandments to Live By in 2016.

HuffPo also has a similar list, with some style resolutions to try in the new year.

Yes: Why 2016 is the year we need to stop pretending women aren't geeks.

WhoWhatWear offers unique alternatives to New Year's resolutions.

Vogue has a short, sweet piece on 6 slang words that entered our lexicon this year.

If you haven't yet discovered Man Repeller's glossary (a.k.a their "Dick-shun-ary"), you're missing out.

This guy built his girlfriend a custom mirror with the time, weather... and compliments! How awesome.

The NYT introduces a relatively new lipstick line, MDMflow, which has unexpected shades meant for everyday use. Love this concept.

Planners That'll Help You Get Your Life Together in 2016, via Buzzfeed.

20 Ways To Take Control Of Your Money In 2016, via Refinery29.

I enjoyed this thoughtful piece on how the ritual of getting ready for a party changes as one grows older.

Lauren Conrad shares the life lessons she's learned in 2015.

Also from LC, some tips on how to keep your new year's resolutions this time.

New recipes to try in 2016, via Buzzfeed.

Beauty products to try in 2016, from HelloGiggles.

The 10 Most Memorable Fashion Collaborations of 2015, from Vogue.

Buzzfeed lists the most moving personal essays you should read from 2015.

More Buzzfeed-recommended reading: What New Yorkers were reading most this year.

12 Simple Ways to Be Happier in the New Year, from World of Wanderlust.

Budget Bytes has a guide to oven roasting frozen broccoli - why didn't I think of this? Game changer.

Nothing wrong with cliches, but if you want to branch out: 20 Non-Cliche Places to Travel to in Your 20s.

Modern Miss Darcy is doing a 2016 reading challenge with a checklist of different book types to add to your list.

Another reading challenge I'm considering: The Bookriot Read Harder Challenge looks fantastic and well-rounded.

Yum alert: Gooey Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Bars.

Great for the new year: How to Set a Clothing Budget and Stick to It. I love the idea of the envelope method for clothes.

12 Ways to Have Better Lunches in 2016 (Even if You Only Have 5 Minutes), from Food 52.

Okay, this might be tough with 2016 just hours away, but Free People has a few things to do before the new year arrives.

Here's a fun NYE party game idea if you're having friends over tonight.

The polar bears at the San Diego Zoo got the best Christmas present -- snow!

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