Hautelinks: Week of 12/10/15

We've got Taylor Swift fashion tips, second day hair tips, online personality quizzes that are worth taking, and more.
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How to make your apartment smell like the holidays, via Refinery29.

Byrdie shares What Makeup Artists Do (That You Don't). Love the face oil and makeup sponge tip!

Emily from Cupcakes + Cashmere shares the story of when she first knew her husband was the one. All the feels.

A Popsugar writer dressed like Taylor Swift for a week, and it's easier - and more affordable - than you'd think.

ICYMI, James Corden and One Direction played the most insane game ever on The Late Late Show -- "tattoo roulette."

5 Expert-Approved Excuses Not to Wash Your Hair, via xoVain. As if "finals" wasn't a valid reason.

In "things us mortals will never understand" news, Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams' divorce proceedings are getting crazy. What exactly is "pet support"?

The Chinese trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes with some extra footage. SO EXCITED.

Winter fashion knowhow: how to wash your tights.

Spotify's Year in Music feature is too cool! Make sure you log in if you use Spotify for personalized stats - and wear headphones since things autoplay.

A Cup of Jo shows you how to be comfy on a plane, with some good tips I hadn't heard before.

The Budget Babe has meaningful gift ideas to snag at Marshall's.

Just when you thought Kylie Jenner's lip kit couldn't get any better...

Did Britney Spears inspire the VS Fashion Show?

Speaking of VS, Buzzfeed documents the insane transformation the fashion show has undergone since 1995.

One more VS-related piece: I Don't Watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Because I Don't Want to Hate My Body, via Cosmo. "I don't want to put myself in a situation where I can possibly start thinking negatively about myself."

Aw! Ryan Gosling talking about fatherhood is enough to melt us all. 

Also from Seventeen, real girls talk about Instagram and how they deal with the pressure of crafting "the perfect life."

Apple names the best iOS apps of 2015.

Fascinating: The most Instagrammed places in each state. Have you snapped any of them?

See also: Instagram reveals the top 10 places to eat and we want to try them all.

All the Small Things has a great second day hair tutorial that's convinced me to buy dry conditioner.

The Best Board Games You've Probably Never Played Before. My friends are board game geeks so I've played most, but if you haven't, you need to check these out for game night!

12 Things You Don't Owe Anyone. Just memorize this list, seriously.

How "The Good Dinosaur" has raised the bar for natural world CGI. I am dying to see this - have you guys seen it yet?

Lauren Conrad has some styling tips for December.

7 Books That Will Make You a Better Human, from Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Also from Modern Mrs. Darcy, 5 Online Personality Quizzes Actually Worth Taking. Hi, procrastination.

These awesome cat-carrying backpacks let your pet pretend he's an astronaut.

Instyle has the info on Pantone's 2016 colors of the year.

Totally want to make these gigantic paper snowflakes. These may be the best winter dorm decorations ever...

Aw! These under-$20 gifts are all too cute for words.

These Latina makeup artists are ones to watch.

Also from Buzzfeed, these Hannah Montana GIFs describe college life perfectly.

See also: 21 Tumblr Posts That Will Speak to You During Finals Week.

6 Things We Should Start Saying to Promote Body Positivity, from MindBodyGreen.

J'adore Felines of New York - what a cute idea!

Baking idea for the weekend: Chocolate Hazelnut and Caramel Stuffed Brownie Cookies.

Also! Donut cookies. YAAAAASS.

Love this Rookie tutorial for turning a sweatshirt into a jacket.

Things to Do When You Feel Like S***, from Buzzfeed (slightly NSFW due to the uncensored title, just so you know).

WhoWhatWear shares the $30 leggings you need this season.

10 Habits to Prepare Yourself for a Killer 2016, from Decorista.

As if we weren't jealous enough of her squad, T.Swift is now friends with Blake Lively, too. Please, can we join?

And finally, cat tackles child in the snow. Cute, just a little horrible, and you won't be able to stop watching on repeat.

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