Hautelinks: Week of 11/26/15

Thanksgiving break boredom, be gone!
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Happy Thanksgiving, guys! It's a shorter list this week for the holiday. Here's hoping you all get some quality time offline to spend with loved ones and family... and if you need a break from said quality time, here are some links to distract you for a bit:

First things first... if you haven't seen it yet, check out our Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and deals list - it's already at 4,000+ words and is being updated multiple times daily. Check it before you do any shopping this weekend!

Kendall Jenner goes blonde for Vogue's version of Wonderland. Adore this shoot!

What do you think about Facebook's new update aimed at making breakups more bearable?

SNL shows us how to deal with difficult relatives at Thanksgiving -- with Adele, obviously.

Miss Piggy does an Adele impression and it's amaze. Too cute!

Also, Adele hung out with some Adele impersonators, disguised as an Adele impersonator, and it was beautiful.

Also from NYLON, there's news about Rihanna's new album.

Love, love, love the "uptown girl" beauty trend. So pretty, polished, and perfect for the season.

The Katniss vs. Hermione rap battle is amazing, of course.

Loving this roundup of Ellen's all-time best celebrity scares.

Teen Vogue makes us feel a little less guilty about our caffeine addiction - mainly because it might help us live longer!

Ever wish you had someone to help curb your spending when shopping? There is now a purse for that.

Things You Need to Know About Bath Bombs, from Buzzfeed.

YAAAAS: 17 Pairs of Sweatpants Perfect for Post-Thanksgiving Comfort.

Bustle has 16 holiday beauty gift sets for your wish list.

Buzzfeed tests some popular long-wear lipsticks.

8 of the best fashion TED talks, via WhoWhatWear.

Yeah, this is genius: The laziest way to share a pint of ice cream.

Speaking of yummy food, this is a great perspective on eating during the holiday season.

This Sartorialist look is holiday party perfection. <3

The cast of Deaf West Theatre's Spring Awakening performs "Touch Me" on Seth Meyers and it is INCREDIBLE.

David Tennant and some really cute animations explain general relativity.

J'adore: Nicki Minaj recites Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise".

The 10 Best Plane Reads of 2015 - solid book recs!

This is a really cool concept: Tool for putting together a personalized capsule wardrobe.

Lauren Conrad has some holiday gift ideas for your 'rents.

Seasonal workers can relate to this: How to handle a side job during the busiest time of the year.

And finally... tiny owl and tiny kitten! Aaaah!

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