Hautelinks: How to Spot a Fake Beauty Review, Cheap Small Space Furniture Buys, & More

Sit back, relax, and see what Team CF is reading this week.
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Refinery29 polled young women to learn their thoughts about the upcoming mid-term elections. Here are the results.

If you're going to be spending Halloween at the office, see if you can get away with wearing one of these work-appropriate Halloween costumes.

ELLE shares the new ways to wear fall classics. Definitely some Pin-worthy outfits.

Rag & Bone's new collection is Mickey Mouse-themed, and it's oh-so cool.

Although progress has been made, sadly, fashion still has problems with side inclusivity. Well + Good breaks down what exactly is causing these issues.

Need to downsize your wardrobe? Here are 14 Things You Can Confidently Toss From Your Closet.

Lauren Conrad shares how to build the perfect ring stack.

Old Navy is launching fleece-lined jeans for winter and they're all very affordable and very warm.

The Most Popular Halloween Costume From The Year You Were Born, from Buzzfeed.

"Titanic II," A Replica Of The Titanic, Will Set Sail In 2022. Would you buy a ticket for its maiden voyage?

The Cut tells us How to Spot a Fake Beauty Review. So helpful!

Loved reading this personal essay: Why Racing In A Full Face Of Makeup Empowers Me.

Watch how Rihanna rocks black lipstick like no other in her beauty tutorial.

The more you know: Here's how liquid lipstick is made.

Starbucks is selling PSL-inspired nail decals and they're actually very cute.

The Best Small Space Furniture Buys For Under $150. Perfect for your dorm or apartment!

Leslie Jones livetweeted while watching The Shape of Water, and it's hilarious. (BTW, major spoilers if you haven't seen it yet!)

These are always my favorite: a day in the life of Megan Amram, a comedy writer for The Good Place.

R29 shares The True Story Behind Friends' Iconic Opening Credits.

Yes, yes and yes: "Everyone has an internal clock, and everyone’s is different."

From Mashable: Why I’m only reading books by women this year.

FYI, SoundCloud now lets you share songs to Instagram Stories.

Raise your hand if you always feel tired. Here are three easy lifestyle changes to help beat chronic fatigue.

Bookmark this: PR Tactics That Will Help Elevate Your Career.

And finally, here is a hamster receiving a massage. Enjoy! 

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