Hautelinks: Week of 10/22/15

This week's list has J.K. Rowling's favorite Harry Potter chapter, fashion girl Halloween costumes, your '9os TV style twin, and more.
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Hautelinks: Your Once-Weekly source for what's hot

J.K. Rowling shares her favorite chapter in all of Harry Potter, and it's just the one you'd expect.

This was super helpful to me as I have the worst nervous posture: How to Appear More Body Confident, via Byrdie.

The Most-Loved Tinted Moisturizer on the Internet Is....

Love these beauty tips from Emily Schuman herself.

Um, what? Is your nail polish making you gain weight? This is the weirdest thing I've seen all week.

From Refinery 29, 5 Ways to Wear This Overlooked Accessory (Socks). Cute socks are so underrated!

Also from R29, Lip Products for People Who Hate Lipstick.

This Instagram artist replaces models with Disney princesses, combining two of our all-time favorite things.

The Cut has been doing features about sex on campus all week. This in-depth piece on the current state of college student hookups is a must-read.

Also from The Cut, why Raf Simons is leaving Dior.

Here's a street style look from Dakota Fanning that includes a creative use for fishnet tights after Halloween.

Which '90s TV character is your style twin? So many good ones, it's hard to choose!

Important news: Beyonce's pizza order is revealed! I like her style.

Very excited for this new Pixar short featuring an Indian-American family.

More Thoughts On Wearing Leggings as Pants, from ELLE. Agree/disagree?

Because life is too short not to wear fancy things: 8 Fancy Trends You Can Easily Wear Every Day.

Career advice for 20 somethings from Whitney Port.

Adele just released the cover art for her new album and it's as gorgeous as you'd expect.

This super cool artist removes dolls' makeup to turn them into dolls of amazing real-life women.

Perfection! Fashion meets comics in Heroine Chic

Necessary reading: How to function at work (or school!) when you get almost no sleep.

Possible good news: You might not need as much sleep as you think.

Great piece from xoJane on how style helps one girl through mental illness.

Too cool -- this Thanksgiving, you can sponsor a rescue Turkey. I'm going to do this!

Another good deed suggestion: Donate money to help homeless women get access to much-needed feminine supplies.

12 Scented Candles for Your Most Delectable Fall Ever, via xoVain.

Breakfast in a mug? Yes, please!

Teen Vogue will tell you which Gossip Girl guy is your soulmate.

Also from Teen Vogue, Taylor Swift gets interviewed by Ryan Adams (who covered her entire album!) and talks about the inspirations for her songs.

Speaking of T-Swizzle: How to Become Taylor Swift’s Squad for Halloween. This is genius.

Rookie also has some great costume ideas.

More: How to Dress Like Your Fashion Hero for Halloween, via Fashionista.

Ever wondered about these? Buzzfeed tries eyebrow extensions.

Bustle has Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Should Know.

Speaking of lipstick, this may be the best organic one ever.

Get spooky with this Halloween blood nails tutorial.

Corporette talks handling a work lunch when you're the only vegetarian. Been there! It's definitely tricky.

31 Things to Do While You're Young, via Buzzfeed. Love.

For your next camping trip, these recipes will make you look like a foodie wizard.

In case you didn't love her enough already, Zendaya speaks out against retouching.

27 Products for People Who Love Fall, via Buzzfeed.

Speaking of which, are you pumpkin spice obsessed? PopSugar has ranked a whopping 106 pumpkin spice products from worst to best, for your feasting pleasure.

Oooh: This is what 5 decades of Star Trek fashion looks like.

In honor of "Future Day", Buzzfeed has some super cool pics from behind the scenes of Back to the Future!

And finally... what is this thing?

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