Hautelinks: Week of 10/15/15

This week we've got the 2016 Met Ball theme, fun facts about Sephora, Michelle Obama's Girl Power playlist, and much more.
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13 Facts About Sephora You Might Not Know, via Byrdie.

Vogue UK has a Spring 2016 fashion cheat sheet to get you up to speed on the trends to watch for next year.

Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere wrote a great article on 20 things she wished she knew at 20. A lot of good advice here!

Speaking of Emily's article, we loved the post that inspired it, from WhoWhatWear's Hillary Kerr.

SO excited for this year's Met Ball theme.

Taylor Swift's GQ cover is AMAZING. She's always so gorgeous!

In other Taylor Swift news, in this great video she goes in-depth about how she made 1989, and her albums leading up to it.

So cool: Michelle Obama made a girl power playlist for us on Spotify.

How to fix your posture at work, via Refinery 29.

Chriselle Lim suggests some tasteful nail colors for this fall.

Not fashion related, but cool: Google visualizes who was the most google searched during this week's democratic debate, and when.

Free People has some gorgeous fall hairstyle tutorials with a boho vibe.

WhoWhatWear has some timeless outfit formulas for fall.

Can't get enough of these Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style photos - so much awesome.

4 Style Icons to Pay Attention to This Fall, via Blativity.

Women Go Without a Bra for a Week, via Buzzfeed.

Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert read jokes written by kids, from HelloGiggles. Love this!

In case you didn't hear, there was a major shakeup in the magazine world this week: Playboy announced it's going non-nude.

Love Lenore's October wish list is so beautiful! It just screams fall...

Quiz time: What flavor of ice cream matches your personality? I think I've taken 10 different versions of this quiz and I will continue to take very new iteration...

From Lifehacker, how the five love languages can help your relationships.

29 questions that were asked at Facebook job interviews, from Time.

Lauren Conrad has 5 pumpkin carving hacks to share.

For students in New England, here are some perfect fall road trip ideas from Free People.

The Chalkboard shares their favorite mind-body podcasts to add to your rotation.

Love, love, love the round statement watch.

If you're lucky enough to be taking a trip to Europe, Style on Target has an excellent packing list to bookmark.

Merrick's Art has some super cute DIY costume ideas - obsessed with the Mary Poppins idea!

Also love this DIY pop tart costume - genius!

In other Halloween news, this Devil's Delight milkshake is totally going to be on my menu.

Loved this post from Becoming Minimalist on "The Productivity of Being Non-Productive" - great lessons on personal strengths.

Totally making these quick and easy sushi hand rolls for lunch sometime.

We all have big goals to change bad habits - but sometimes life gets in the way. If you've fallen off the wagon with one of yours, Zen Habits has some advice.

"I Could Do That"... or an Art Curator Explains Why You Couldn't. It always annoys me when people say that!

Chapter Friday has some recommendations for your next TV binge. Yes to Bob's Burgers and Mr. Robot!

For my fellow lovers of lists, 6 Lists You Need to Be Productive, from My Domaine.

And finally... knock knock!

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