Hautelinks: Week of 1/21/16

See the new Lip Kit by Kylie shade, style tricks for a lazy-chic look, Alan Rickman's best moments as Snape, and more in this list.
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In case you didn't hear, Alan Rickman (forever known to many of us as Severus Snape) passed away this week. There were tons of awesome tributes to him online, but I loved Pottermore's words, the New Yorker's cartoon, and Buzzfeed's list of the best Snape moments.

A Refinery29 writer highlights one of the ways Rey is introducing feminism to the young Star Wars fan base.

Did you see the new Kylie Jenner Lip Kit color? So pretty!

Speaking of Kylie, ELLE has a sneak peek at her and Kendall's new clothing line!

Alexa Chung tells us how to get a job at Vogue.

Cupcakes + Cashmere shares a lovely & wishful guide to LA!

This will give you flashbacks: 24 Forgotten Items All Late ’90s Teen Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

See also: What your favorite pop divas looked like in 2006 vs. now.

If you love fairy tales and high fashion looks, you need to see FIT's latest exhibit.

If you want to elevate your college ramen eating to the next level, A Beautiful Mess shares a delicious-looking recipe.

Designers tell T-magazine how to get a perfect casual bun.

Ellie Goulding's beauty routine is broken down by the NYT.

Also from the New York Times, a piece on how fat is still a taboo in fashion.

Vox does a good job at explaining Obama's final state of the union address and recapping the past year.

The lazy girl's guide to amazing skin. So needed this right now!

3 Juice Cleanse Myths, Debunked. Everyone needs to see this if they've considered a "cleanse"!

A caution against wearing makeup to the gym. (I will probably still do it for zit cover up, TBH, but this is good to know.)

How cool is the glow in the dark hair trend?

WhoWhatWear did an awesome article on how to revamp your wardrobe throughout 2016.

Instead of an awards show best dressed list, here is a best makeup and hair list from the Critics' Choice Awards.

#TBT: ELLE rounded up the best Golden Globe looks of all time.

In honor of the classic flick's 10th anniversary, which High School Musical song are you?

Easy way to make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner, via Cosmo.

Buzzfeed shares a few times Khloe shut down the other Kardashians. Ah, I love KoKo.

BuzzFeed also did an article on how public opinion on Taylor Swift has swiftly changed since 2013.

Rookie did a great interview with 19-year-old graphic novelist Tillie Walden.

Fitbit recorded the exact moment someone's heart broke.

A new report from Harvard says the college admissions process should change.

How to Keep Your White Converse Clean. Needed this so bad.

8 storage solutions for limited closet space, via The Everygirl.

5 style tricks for that lazy-chic look, via LeafTV.

I also enjoyed this Buzzfeed piece on mindfulness.

These unicorn bars look amazing! If any of you have birthdays coming up, you should make them for yourself.

The best under-the-radar online shops, via WhoWhatWear. 

And finally... Bei Bei The Baby Panda Waved At A Camera And It Will Make You So Happy <3

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