CF Update: Avatars in Comments

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Avatar example

You may have noticed that the comments section looks a little different today.. that's because a few things have changed! Here's some more info on the new functionality.

The biggest change is that you can now choose a custom picture to display next to every comment you make - a picture of you, a photo of your favorite celeb or designer, whatever you want! This will help identify you and your comments here.

To choose your personal avatar, visit and sign up (all you need is an email address).

Once you upload your picture to Gravatar or choose from one of their pictures, your avatar will show up next to your comments on CF as well as on any other site that has Gravatars enabled. To change your profile picture, just visit the Gravatar website again and update your profile with a new avatar.

If you have any questions or problems getting your avatar to work, just leave a comment and I'll try to help! Can't wait to see your new profile pics..

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