19 Year Old Designer Debuts at Paris Fashion Week

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Pedro and Reinaldo Lourenco

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At the age of 19, most of us are in our sophomore year of college, maybe living in our first apartment, and probably struggling to pass calculus. Instead of studying derivatives, 19 year old Pedro Lourenco, who debuted his Fall 2010 collection on March 5 at Paris Fashion Week is taking the fashion world by storm.

Pedro Lourenco is fashion royalty. He is the son of designer Reinaldo Lourenco (pictured above, right) and their resemblance extends far beyond physical. Pedro's Fall 2010 collection had much of the same aesthetic as his father's. Both Pedro and Reinaldo's Fall 2010 collections were futuristic and architectural. Both had the same geometry, and the same shapes.

Pedro sent some of his models down the runway in above-the-knee boots that were punctuated by thick black lines. His father sent some of his models down the runway in flared rain boots that were punctuated by thinner black lines. Despite the similarities between them, both were distinct collections. Naturally, Pedro's collection was younger, more avant garde, and had a lot more leather. His father's was more classic and traditional and stuck to a very feminine, nude color palette. Both collections, however, were spectacular.

Pedro has shown so much potential that even Paris Vogue Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld has taken notice. "I think it was very personal," she told reporters. "An amazingly personal vision he showed there."

Pedro Lourenco Fall 2010

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Reinaldo Lourenco Fall 2010

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What do you think about Pedro Lourenco's Paris debut?

What do you think about Pedro's Fall 2010 collection? What do you think about Reinaldo's Fall 2010 collection? Do any of our CF readers design clothes in their spare time? Do any of you aspire to be fashion designers? Are you surprised that Pedro is designing his own collection instead of designing for his father? Whatever your thoughts, please leave a comment!

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