How to Dress to Save the World

Also known as: Superhero 101: How to look hot when you're in hot pursuit.
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With all the violence and sadness out there in the world, I think it's pretty clear that we really need a superhero or two. It's time for someone to swing in when the going gets tough and look out for the little guy. Do you think you're up to the task?

No one’s pretending that a life of fighting crime is easy, but it’s a very rewarding pursuit. Superheroing requires strength, commitment, and solid planning skills. You'll need to sort out a few things before you engage your nemeses in battle:

  • Decide (or discover) what makes you super. Do you harbor secret powers? Have you trained in hand-to-hand combat for years? Or do you plan on building tech for yourself, a la Batman or Iron Man? Figure that out before you attempt any missions, or your hero career will be spectacularly short.
  • Pick a place to call home. While we’d all love to think we can single-handedly protect the Earth, the reality is that no one can take on that much. Superheroes are most successful when they choose a manageable area to protect. Superman’s got Metropolis. Batman’s got Gotham. Where will you swear fealty to?
  • Remember: Danger can strike at any time, and a hero is always on call. As much as it pains my stiletto-loving soul to say this, you should probably throw out all of your heels. Seriously. Purge your closet. Your spontaneous save-the-moment effort will be an embarrassing flop if you attempt it in anything but sneakers or boots. Go get some fighting shoes, or just go home!

Secret Identity

Superhero secret identity look

Products: Skirt, Shoes, Glasses, Shirt, Cardigan.

Not every crime fighter chooses to go the secret identity route. It’s a very personal choice and you shouldn’t rush into anything. If you do decide to live a double life, you’ll have to work hard, since it’s even easier to track down superheroes in the digital age. The most important thing is to look unassuming and non-threatening at all times.

The glasses trick may seem dumb, but if it's good enough for Clark Kent, it's good enough for you. Nothing screams "I am not a threat" like a punny cat t-shirt and a fuzzy cardigan. Wear these cute patterned sneakers to stay prepped for action, even in your downtime.

Tough and Mysterious

Superhero tough leather look

Products: Boots, Shirt, Belt, Jacket, Leggings.

Not every superhero is a public figure. Some hide in the shadows, emerging to save the day and then returning to their secretive life. If you’re not one for the spotlight, try the intimidating dark leather look. You’ll be ready for a fight, but you won’t draw attention to yourself.

Pair military boots with an edgy jacket and liquid leggings combo. These leggings don't need a belt, but wrap one around yourself anyway, just for the coolness factor. It's the perfect look for a midnight motorcycle chase!

Super Star

On the other hand, maybe you’re not so uncomfortable in the spotlight after all! That’s totally okay. Superheroes are a flashy, narcissistic bunch, strutting around for their adoring fans in bright outfits. With heroes like Captain America and Robin out there, you can feel free to throw in all the pop factor.

The best part of this career choice is that you can wear any color and any pattern any time. There is no outfit too over-the-top for a superhero, so just have fun!

Superhero inspired outfit idea: Tunic top, leggings, over the knee boots

Products: Boots, Belt, Necklace, Leggings, Tunic.

Leggings or tights and bright colors are the classic superhero outfit formula, but you can change it up with this intense pattern. Knee high boots and a waist belt have an intimidating vibe, and this crystal probably harnesses untold powers for you to tap into!

What do you think?

What would your hero superpower be? Would you wear these looks? Let me know!

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