Stylish Men: Fashion Inspired by Seth Cohen from The OC

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Seth Cohen from The OC

Right around this time of year, I get in the true Christmukkah spirit and reach the DVD box set of one of my all-time favorite shows -- the OC! Set in southern California, the OC told the story of four teens and their families, and the many conflicts that arose in their upper-class community.

Every girl who watched the show had a giant crush on Seth Cohen, played by Adam Brody. The character of Seth is credited for championing the "geek chic" trend that was so popular a few years ago. Seth perfectly personifies the adorably nerdy "beta male" archetype that we see in a lot of today's film and TV shows. A throwback to Woody Allen, Seth was neurotic and overly obsessed with his many interests, including indie music, sailing, and comic books. Seth's "geekdom" is reflected in the unique way he dressed, which is why he's the subject of today's post!

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The TV show might be cancelled, but Seth's legacy lives on! Want to steal some of his quirky style? Read on!


Outfit Inspiration

The Seth Cohen Starter Pack

Seth Cohen Outfit 1

Sweater, Cords,Tee, Scarf, Shoes, Socks, Necklace

Get in the holiday spirit by evoking a little bit of Seth Cohen style! Start with a pair of oh-so-slightly-nerdy corduroy pants, and add your favorite v-neck. Add a quirky reindeer sweater, a scarf, and a sailboat necklace, a nod to one of Seth's favorite hobbies. Finish with some argyle socks and a comfy pair of shoes.

Captain Oats


T-Shirt, Shoes, Earrings, Jeans, Cardigan, Beanie, Glasses

Dig up your favorite graphic t-shirt (or steal one from your boyfriend!) and pair it with some skinny jeans and your trusty Chuck's for a base, then add a striped cardigan and beanie to stay warm. Finish the look with a pair of thick-framed glasses (if you dare!) and horse earrings, paying homage to Seth's trusty sidekick Captain Oats!

The Ironist


Sweater, Shirt, Pants, Ring, Earrings, Shoes

Kick up an argyle sweater's style by pairing it with a pink dress shirt and purple skinny jeans. Add a pair of loafers, and finish the look with some vinyl record earrings and a comic book caption ring, referencing a few of Seth's favorite things!


Did you love the OC? Who was your favorite character? What do you think about Seth's quirky style? What other males (real or fictional) would you like to see CF cover? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

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