4 Looks Inspired by Solange Knowles' Ultra-Cool Style

Because apparently slaying is in the Knowles genes.
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Photo Credit: ELLE

Photo Credit: ELLE

Lately, Beyonce has been in the news constantly and there is a lot of buzz surrounding her upcoming tour. However, I'm gonna step out of Formation for a second and talk about another talented Knowles: Solange, Bey's ultra-talented and ultra-stylish younger sister.

Like her sister, Solange Knowles is a singer who has made a name for herself with catchy beats and striking lyrics. But she is also often in the spotlight for her bold fashion choices. Solange's style is super cool: She isn't afraid to experiment, whether it's with patterns, colors, or silhouettes. 

In the looks below, I'm taking some inspiration from my favorite fashion daredevil and showing you how to get Solange's style on a budget:

"Losing You" Outfit 1

Outfit inspired by Solange: Army green dress, patterned top, ankle boots

This look heavily features dancing shoes...

Products: Romper, Shirt, Shoes, Earrings

This outfit is inspired by one of the most iconic looks from Solange's "Losing You" music video. This is one of her most popular songs and it has a fun, upbeat vibe that's reflected in her video wardrobe. 

In the video, Solange rocks a suit but I opted for a romper since it's a bit more accessible and gives a similar streamlined look with one piece. I chose a shirt with an eclectic print in a similar color to the one Solange wore, and I finished the look with earrings to add a bit of sparkle. Finally, shiny oxfords keep the look grounded.

"Losing You" Outfit 2

Outfit inspired by Solange: Denim skirt, patterned jacket, burgundy blouse, nude flats, sunglasses

Why not look stylish while wistfully staring off into the distance?

Products: Top, Skirt, Jacket, Shoes, Sunglasses

For this look, I was inspired by the outfit Solange wears while sitting on the bleachers in the "Losing You" video. The outfit involves many bright colors but it's grounded by the classic shape of the pieces and the simplicity of the bottom half of the outfit. The top and jacket both have bold patterns but the coordinating colors keep it from looking too busy. The simple denim skirt and flats provide a simple base and the sunglasses are a fun touch.

Fashion Week-Inspired Outfit

Outfit inspired by Solange: Orange tee shirt dress, fringe vest, suede ankle booties, turquoise earrings

Who knew earth tones could stand out this much?

Products: Dress, Vest, Booties, Earrings

This outfit was inspired by the look that Solange wore to fashion week last fall. The loose silhouette of this ensemble is interesting on its own so I let the dress and vest take center stage. This look is also very monochromatic, so I kept the shoes neutral and finished with turquoise earrings to mirror the eye makeup that Solange wore. While the look is very simple, its details - like unique shapes and textures - take it beyond basic.

Solange Wedding-Inspired Look

Playing with texture helps keep this look grounded.

Playing with texture helps keep this look grounded.

Products: Jacket, Top, Pants, Sneakers, Bracelet, Lipstick

Solange's wedding photoshoot was one of the most raved-about spreads of the year. However, while her wedding dress was beautiful, I took inspiration from the look that she wore when she and her new husband rode off into the sunset together on bikes (and right into my idealized version of relationship goals). 

To recreate this look, I chose a pair of wide-legged pants and a top with a deep v-neck to mimic the top of her jumpsuit. The denim jacket I chose makes the outfit a little more casual but it can also be draped over your shoulders to imitate Solange's cape. The shoes add interest with their unique texture, while the gold bangle references the bouquet that Solange carried in her basket. Solange finished the outfit with a statement red lip and I included a similar shade by Stila.

What do you think?

Had you listened to Solange's music before? What do you think of her style? Can you see how her and Beyonce influence each other? Let me know below!

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