Heroic Styles: Shuri (Black Panther)

Mix athletic and regal pieces with outfits inspired by Black Panther’s Shuri.


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Last week on Heroic Styles, we took on our first Avenger, Black Widow. Now we’re back with another woman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After Black Panther’s wins at the Oscars, it seems fitting this week’s Heroic Styles is dedicated to one of its breakout characters, Shuri.

About Shuri

The character of Shuri was created and appeared for the first time in 2005. She is the princess of the fictional African country of Wakanda and she’s the sister of T’Challa, the Black Panther and king of Wakanda.

Of a genius level intellect, Shuri is also a skilled martial artist and has also been the protector of Wakanda as the Black Panther.

Shuri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Shuri’s first cinematic appearance was in the movie Black Panther in 2018, later appearing in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and with a scheduled appearance in Avengers: Endgame in April of 2019. She’s played by Letitia Wright and her take on the character quickly made Shuri a fan favorite and a role model for young girls.

Shuri is funny, charismatic and unashamedly smart, without being condescending. She also has the best one-liners of the whole film.

Shuri understands her culture and traditions, but she seeks evolution and she wants her country to move on beyond their borders, scientifically and socially.

Shuri’s Style in the MCU

Not only does Shuri have a great sense of humor, she’s got killer style. She has an athleisure vibe with hints and pieces of her traditional country. She favors bright colors, monochromatic looks, modern fabrics, and sneakers.

If you want to achieve the perfect athleisure outfit inspired by this badass young woman, here are three outfits inspired by Shuri:

Shuri’s Style: Outfit #1 – Did he freeze?

Shuri style from Black Panther - outfit inspired by Shuri with metallic skirt, sweatshirt, choker, sneakers

Products: Skirt – Banana Republic, Sweatshirt – Adidas, Jacket – Boohoo, Sneakers – Bloomingdales, Choker – Nordstrom 

For the first outfit, I took inspiration from Shuri’s very first scene in Black Panther (2018), in which she rocked this super cute look.

To copy it, pair a pleated midi skirt in silver with a sweatshirt to create the base of the outfit. The brown jacket is cropped to accentuate your figure. These three items have the same warm undertones to emulate the monochromatic look Shuri has going on, but the contrast of the different fabrics helps to avoid a bland-looking outfit.  

I chose a pair of white high-top sneakers to get the athleisure style she loves and it provides the perfect pop of color without breaking the monochromatic look we’re going for.

A choker is the best accessory to finalize the outfit because it has both a modern and traditional vibe to it.

Shuri’s Style: Outfit #2 – What are those?

Products: Dress – Revolve, Top – Revolve, Sneakers – Adidas, Bag – MaxMara, Earrings – Neiman Marcus

For the second look, I’m taking inspiration from two different outfits Shuri wore in Black Panther.

To create this outfit, take a sleeveless white dress and layer it with a white mesh top. For the shoes, I opted for a pair of slip-on white sneakers with a subtle peach stripe. Both the shoes and the top create the athletic vibe Shuri loves so much.

The accessories are a cross body bag and earrings in the same bright orange, a color Shuri has worn a lot in Black Panther and Infinity War.

This is a simple outfit to create, but it looks put together and it’s incredibly comfortable and adaptable for a night out.

Shuri’s Style: Outfit #3 – I’m sure you did your best

Products: Top – Matches Fashion, Pants – H&M, Shoes – Saks Fifth Avenue, Bag – Century 21, Necklace – Ardene

Although Shuri is a scientist first, she’s also a warrior and she doesn’t hesitate to step up if the situation demands it. In the scene above, she shows off her fighting skills while looking incredible.

For the last Shuri-inspired outfit, mix this pair of tie-belt pants in khaki green with this navy crop top. The details on the shirt give texture to the look and bring it beyond basic. The contrast of the colors is eye-catching and is a perfect match to what Shuri is wearing.

To finish it up, I added a pair of black mules that are both comfortable and trendy, an envelope purse with golden details, and a layered golden necklace. The repeated colors in the accessories tie everything together and don’t draw attention away from the clothes.

What do you think?

Do you like Black Panther? What do you think of Shuri’s style? Which outfit would you wear? Let us know in the comments!

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