Quiz: Which Famous Muse Are You?

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Marlene Dietrich, Jane Birkin, Grace Kelly

Photos: ELLE

Oh, who hasn't chased the goddesses of inspiration in futile? These water nymphs, so changeable, cruelly unexpected, and dreamy and vain, do not usually favor the lazy amongst us. Few men were lucky enough to meet their muses in the flesh, but for those who did, at least for the time being, it must have felt like heaven on Earth.

Which famous (old-fashioned) Muse is more like you in character, style, and whatever else there is? Let's find out.

Note: The following outfit sets are not realistic for college budgets. Set aside the wish to acquire. We don't want to scare the fashion muse. However, if you really want to rock one of these looks, we've included links to similar items with a much more college student-friendly price tag.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly muses look

Skirt, Blouse (Similar), Shoes, Purse, Earrings | Photo: ELLE

Grace Kelly didn't sound very empowering. All her quotes are about how women shouldn't kill good old chivalry by dedicating themselves to their careers. But she did have it all. She chose her own way. Grace took part in Hitchcock's Hollywood-movie-fundament-setting, then waved Alfred goodbye to become the princess of Monaco. She was a third wave feminist: any choice is valid, as long as you get to have a choice. Channel your inner Grace by choosing femininity and grace in your style and then doing whatever the hell you want.

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin muses look

T-Shirt (Similar), Jeans, Shoes (Similar), Bag (Similar), Necklace

I suspect you can't dress like Birkin, you can only become Jane for awhile. Ditch the bra. Take some nudes with Bardot. Fall madly in love with people who are not good for you. Dress out of place in the most chic way possible. At least listen to some Serge Gainsbourg. After all, the quiz seems to think you are exactly this type of girl (and the quiz knows best, of course).

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich muse style

Blouse (Similar), Jeans (Similar), Bag (Similar), Loafers (Similar), Blazer (Similar)

You're the type to have people guessing: Will she? Won't she? Is she? Isn't she? Who knows. At times you don't even know yourself. For all her confidence and masculinity in style, Marlene was quite lost in life. To channel Dietrich, charm a famous writer (Remarque will do), break his heart, and appear in all his books as the main heroine. Live in smoke dust. If you start getting older, refuse to leave home till your death.

Gala Dalí

Gala Dali muse style

Dress (Similar), Cardigan, Socks, Shoes

Gala was the ultimate dream. Most wives can't convince their husbands to stay close, and yet Salvador stalked her in his art like a madman. In his every painting there is Gala in some form or another. We don't know much about her. In a way, she is still even our mysterious dream and muse. Gala didn't care for age. Gala is surrealism in fashion. (Gala is fashion?)


Which muse did you get?Do you actually like her best? Who is your muse in fashion and life? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment.

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