3 Outfits Based on Classic Holiday Treats

Because holiday treats are the best treats.
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The holidays are the best time of year to be a tastebud, hands down. No matter what you celebrate or what your family traditions are, you’re bound to surrounded by delicious foods and drinks. From cookies to hot beverages to party appetizers, you’re never far from a treat, or, if you’re thinking creatively, from a source of fashion inspiration. 

Food and drink are such a beloved part of the season that they’re a totally appropriate way to plan a holiday-themed outfit. Check out my ideas below for three outfits inspired by classic holiday treats.

Gingerbread Men

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Gingerbread men are the fashionistas of the holiday food world, with their stylish gumdrop buttons and trendy houses. Pay homage to the delicious dessert with typical gingerbread pieces like a bowtie and buttons. You'll look as dapper as they do.

Hot Cocoa

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The ultimate sipper for a winter day, hot chocolate combines the hard and soft of smooth chocolate drink with fluffy, airy whipped cream or marshmallows. Combine sleek with furry and brown with white for a sweet outfit based on cocoa!

Potato Latkes

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Potato latkes have great visual texture because of all those crunchy edge bits, and that makes for perfect fabric inspiration. Go for a piece with its own thick, rich texture, in creamy neutral tones. Add a pop of color and you have the perfect Hanukkah outfit! Your relatives will never guess that it’s based off of potatoes.

What's your favorite holiday treat? 

Would you use it for outfit inspiration? Let us know!

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