4 New Ways to Wear Your Dad's Hawaiian Shirt

Looking like a tourist just got a whole lot more chic.
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I don't know why I always associate summer with Hawaiian print shirts, but I do. I usually wish dads would keep their Hawaiian shirts at the back of their closets and leave them there, but I found one last week at the thrift store next to my Parisian apartment and am now obsessed with this '80s classic. 

If you're rummaging through the racks of your local thrift store, or just feel compelled to try out a look I like to call tourist-chic, I've come up with four new ways to style the embarrassing tropical print shirt. I bet you never thought it could look this cool...

Bonus: Each look is named after a different kind of oblivious tourist let me know if you think of any more!

1. The iPad Photographers

hawaiian shirt, white skirt, flats

Product Information: Shirt - Ragstock, Skirt - Missguided, Bag - Nasty Gal, Sunglasses - River Island, Shoes - Crocs

If you're stuck and don't know how to modernize a piece that's so quintessentially '80s, adding something futuristic into the mix is a great way to start. I have a soft spot for leather-look pencil skirts and peaches– both are quirky ways to update this classic Hawaiian print.

Because Hawaiian shirts have become so tightly associated with Crocs and hordes of oblivious tourists, I had to include something from everyone's favorite rubber clog manufacturer. Can you believe these adorable flats are from the same people who gave us Jibbitz? 

2. The Umbrella-Wielders

hawaiian shirt and shorts

Product Information: Shirt - Aeropostale, Shorts - H&M, Flower Crown - Boohoo, Bag - Boohoo, Shoes - Amazon

High-waisted shorts are the answer to every wardrobe dilemma– including the Hawaiian print shirt. Even if you're not a fan of the classic Dad button-up, this Aeropostale tee will probably satisfy your inner Kodak camera-toting tourist. 

Because this wouldn't be a post on Hawaiian shirts and looking like an oblivious tourist without a flower chain of some sort, a flower crown is the perfect modern twist on a lei. Exploit it shamelessly.

3. The Serial Complainers

hawaiian shirt and romper

Product Information: Romper - American Eagle, Shirt - Alohaz, Lipstick - Maybelline, Shoes - New Look

If you're looking for a new way to style any button-down shirt, my number-one trick is to knot it at your waist. You can basically do this with any romper, dress, or shirt-skirt combo. 

I've gone with a basic black romper and the most colorful Hawaiian print shirt I've ever seen, but go ahead and style this outlandish shirt with a striped romper for a killer take on print-mixing. 

4. The Fanny Pack Bellies

hawaiian shirt, white tank, black shorts

Product Information: Shirt - New Look, Shorts - New Look, Kimono - ASOS, Hat - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop

What did we ever do before the kimono cardigan? I know I had to think a lot harder about my outfits. If you're still on the fence about Hawaiian print shirts, try a printed kimono cardigan over summery basics.

If you read my last post, you'll know I can never say no to a straw fedora. When in doubt, statement heels and a great hat are always the answer– and instantly elevate any basic shirt-and-shorts combo. 

What do you think?

Will tourist-chic ever be a thing? Would you rock a Hawaiian print shirt? Have you ever tried styling one? Let me know in the comments!

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