Interview with an Intern: Maialen Echevarria

First Spain and now London - Maia shares how a digital media degree can pair perfectly with fashion.
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College Fashion takes the Interview with an Intern series across the pond to London, where we meet with a newfound fashion lover, Maia.

Photo courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

Photo courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

College Fashion: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Maialen Echevarria: My name is Maia, I'm 27 living in London. I studied communications and journalism back in the day in my home country of Spain. In 2013, I challenged myself to study a masters degree in a different language, so I came to London. I completed my MA in e-Marketing and Social Media at Middlesex University.

CF: That's very impressive! So what are you doing with that degree?

ME: I’m currently working for Style My as a Digital Marketing Intern. I do a bit of everything there, including feeding the social media channels, working on the website content strategy, and designing email marketing campaigns.


Photo courtesy of Style My

CF: Did you have any previous fashion work experience?

ME: Not really. So when the Style My co-founders, Elin and Tanja, offered me this opportunity to mix fashion with my digital marketing skills, I went for it without a second thought!

CF: It's a really perfect pairing - media and fashion. What's your favorite part about your job with Style My?

ME: I enjoy the fact that one day I'm working on social media, and the next day I'm playing with images, fonts and layouts. However, I must admit that I have fallen in love with Styleovers! They're my favorite part of the job.

CF: Styleover...I can't say I've ever heard of that before. What's a Styleover?

ME: These events are so much fun! Not only they are the perfect scenario to learn styling tricks and tips but they're also a great opportunity to get in touch with store managers and get to know new brands! Each Styleover involves selecting and picking up gorgeous pieces of clothing for our participants and this also enables us to discover new trends or exciting seasonal campaigns. After styling our candidates, it’s amazing to see them leaving the Fashion Lounge with such a big smile on their faces! I really love it.

Photo Courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

Photo Courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

CF: So you help others with their style choices, but how would you describe your style? What are some go-to items in your closet?

ME: Oh God, good question *laughs*. I went through different styles when I was younger and nowadays I still find it difficult to fit in a specific style. I am a very street-style kind of woman and I enjoy a casual-essence in all of my outfits. I always go for looks that are neither too dressy nor too casual; so let’s say I am wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans (currently in love with how they fit my curvy body-shape) with a pair of Nikes… what I would do in order to turn those pieces into something chic and elegant is to add some of my wardrobe must-haves such as a long boyfriend shaped white shirt, a big chunky necklace, a nice smart long coat, and a classic handbag. Ready to rock!

Photo courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

Photo courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

CF: Do you have any favorite stores or brands where you shop?

ME: I do. Mango, and Inditex’s brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear or Uterqüe still remain heaven for me. Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with the fact they are Spanish (although I must admit walking into Zara makes me feel at home, *laughs*), I can't get enough of them. I love their designs and textures, and their price-quality relationship never lets me down. I do also enjoy stepping into Topshop, Dorothy Perkins or River Island and discovering outerwear garments, dresses or accessories (Topshop’s accessories are the best!) As for footwear, Office always surprises me with new trends, colors and materials. Last but not least, a quick look into Primark’s chic bargains is always a must!

CF: Do you have any fashion role models, or any role models in any industry?

ME: Ohh...there are a lot of inspiring people out there! Lately I’ve been into plus size brands’ marketing campaigns and I admire how model icons such as Ashley Graham are standing for a deep change in the current beauty standards and body shape image. You know, #beautybeyondsize

Photo courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

Photo courtesy of Maialen Echevarria

CF: What advice would you have for a college student who wants a job like yours?

ME: Keep doing what you love, no matter what. It's as simple as it sounds. I would suggest finding an appealing business area within the fashion industry where you feel comfortable, so you can really express your passions. “Never give up, that is not chic” is one of my favorite quotes!

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