If Your Favorite Winter Clothes Could Talk

We've heard from your summer wardrobe. Now your cold weather go-tos tell all.
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I love thinking about where my favorite clothes have been with me, and how what I do in them gives them a unique life of their own. And nothing in your wardrobe would have more stories to tell than those pieces you reach for time and time again.  

Back in June I shared with you my thoughts about what your favorite summer clothes would say if they could speak. You asked for more, so now I'm here with the scoop from your winter wear.

Your cozy peacoat

Land's End peacoat

Coat: Lands' End.

"Okay, enough with being thrown on these disgusting dining hall chairs," would probably be the first thing out of your cuddly coat's imaginary mouth. But underneath all the bitterness about being tossed on any available surface the second you get inside, she's really a super sensitive sweetheart.

You know how warm she keeps you? Imagine that warmth in a personality. She bakes cookies, gives genuine compliments, and loves curling up in a hot bath with the latest issue of Glamour. But of course, she's also a hard worker and totally selfless.

Maybe I should remember to be a little nicer to her this year.

Your favorite jeans

Denizen jeans

Jeans: Target.

These babies are basically seasonless, but they get their most wear in winter when skirts, dresses, and their trendier ripped-and-slouchy counterparts won't suffice in the cold. You might think of your favorite baby blues as casual and laid-back, but I don't think so. They're crazy confident and at times a little cocky, because they know they're basically your #1 wardrobe MVP. They kind of like to brag.

They are so proud to have survived season after season. They can't believe you picked THEM out of all the jeans in the world. They can't get over how great they make your butt look for a night out, and they are anything but modest about trips you've taken in them (be they overseas or to volunteer at a food pantry). They try to play it cool, but all your other clothes are at least a little jealous.

Your tried-and-true combat boots

What badasses!

Your combat boots are effortlessly cool, tough, and stand up for what they believe in. If they were a college student, their extra currics would be their own wildly popular fashion blog, kickboxing class, and president of the feminist organization on campus. These boots were made for kicking butt.

These guys know what they're doing with your old jeans or a floral dress. They're both edgy and feminine. And they're too busy doing awesome things out in the real world to remind your jeans that maybe, just maybe, they're even more indispensable.

They make frequent beauty appointments to take care of their scuffs. And despite their busy schedules, their secret favorite thing is a chill movie night with friends.

Your go-everywhere pleather jacket

faux-leather jacket from Express

Jacket: Express.

Your faux-leather jacket is calm, cool, and collected. And don't worry -- her lips are sealed. Because she knows you better than any of your other clothes.

Every single outfit that needs a topper? She's right there, and she knows she doesn't even have to try. She trusts you'll pull her out at least three times a week. Her personality is probably very much like yours, or like your BFF's, because she spends so much time with you.  

Yeah, you've totally worn her lining out and she gets tossed around almost as much as your peacoat. But she's not complaining because she spends most of her time close to your heart, keeping you warm. And she loves every single concert, weekend trip, coffee run, girl's night out, finals study session, and family vacation you've taken her on.

What do you think?

What are your go-to winter clothes? What are their personalities? Do you agree about what these pieces would have to say? Share with me in the comments!

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