If Your Favorite Summer Clothes Could Talk

Your go-to pieces have been so many places with you, and they have a lot of stories to tell.
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One of my all time favorite movie quotes is from The Devil Wears Prada, when Nigel (played by Stanley Tucci) says, 

"What [fashion designers] did, what they created, was greater than art, because you live your life in it." 

This line captures one of my favorite things about fashion– our favorite pieces are not just beautiful material objects. They take on a life and personality of their own when they follow you on all sorts of adventures.

This concept inspired me to think about all the places my summer staples have been and will continue to go. Here, I've imagined the sorts of tales the typical college girl's go-tos would tell, and how they've been worn and loved. Turns out, their personalities sound a lot like those of real people.

1. Your Favorite Denim Shorts

H&M denim shorts

Shorts: H&M

Of all the pieces in this post, I think the Daisy Dukes are the resident Chatty Cathy. I mean, where haven't they been? You've had them for years and crumpled them in countless suitcases on countless vacations. You were wearing them when you had your first kiss. They've been rocked over bikinis, with tights and booties in the winter, and with all your favorite tops.  

I think a pair of cutoffs would be the sartorial equivalent of that friend who seems to have done everything, the one who, when just talking about their day-to-day life, makes you feel like your life is incredibly boring in comparison. They travel, they have flings, they meet interesting people, they chill in all kinds of hot spots, and most of all, no matter how hard you search, you'll never find their equal.

2. Your Can't-Miss Floral Dress

A cute floral dress from Forever 21

Dress: Forever 21

Your favorite floral dress is a master conversationalist. She talks like she's been to charm school (maybe she has!). Why? Because you've basically worn her to every summer lunch, brunch, and BBQ in recent memory and she's picked up on how to make small talk.

She also pairs well with all kinds of friends, be they moto jackets, pumps, flats, cardis, or flip-flops. She loves pendant necklaces and hoop earrings equally. She's versatile and gets along with almost everything else in your closet. She is really tired of getting ice cream stains on her, though.

Like the denim shorts, your favorite floral dress is well-traveled. She's been shopping, to farmer's markets, on fabulous girls' nights out, and strolled through little towns in Europe. She's even been able to pick up some knowledge in your classes every once and a while. In her clique, she's the level-headed, well-rounded one. She does it all, but is super-chill about it.

3. Your Casual Sandals

Express mixed-material sandals

Sandals: Express

What hard workers! If they could say anything it would be, "Give me a break! I cost $20 and I've been pounding the pavement for five years! Haven't you noticed I'm falling apart? You really don't seem to care."

These sandals could tell the stories of almost everything you did the past few summers, and about exactly how tired you were after your long days and nights. They work hard, they play hard, they complain a lot.

4. Your Go-Everywhere Crossbody Bag

Aldo crossbody bag

Bag: Aldo

The sandals and the crossbody bag are BFFs, because they have both been tossed around basically every street, bench, floor, and tourist destination imaginable. The bag, though, would be the one with all the hot gossip. She's gotten up-close and personal with all your summer memorabilia. 

Those concert and movie tickets? The candy wrappers? The shopping receipts? Your phone containing dozens of hilarious Snapchats? Your passport? Brochures from spas, museums, and amusement parks? Business cards of people you never intend to call? The ever-elusive designer sunglasses you stash in a protective case at all times? The Band-Aids and loose change that have gone to die within her depths? Yup, she's cozied up to them all.

There's no hiding the secrets of your summers from your carryall. Dig through her many pockets and I bet you'll find tons of souvenirs of summers past.

5. Your Best Bikini

Your current fave bikini is the youngest and hippest of the bunch, mainly because she's probably the newest and most likely to be replaced season after season.

She knows all the biggest trends for summer because she probably reflects at least one of them. Was her last-year's-cousin printed or fringed? Does she currently have cutouts or a halter neck? Thought so.

Your bikini would also be very fit and well-read. She's sporty and exercises along with you, and just like your denim shorts have probably seen all the latest TV shows, your bikini has absorbed all of your beach reads and fashion magazines. She's the friend to ask for entertainment and fashion recs, for sure.

What do you think?

What pieces do you wear on repeat in the summer? Where have they been? Do you like the notion that clothes have stories to tell? Let me know in the comments!

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