Geek Chic Halloween 2015: 9 DIY Costume Ideas

Tender lumplings everywhere; life's no fun without a good scare!
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Can you believe that it's almost Halloween? Of course, the question that goes hand in hand with that one is: do you have your Halloween costume planned yet? 

Fear not, fellow procrastinators, for here are nine geeky Halloween costume ideas for you to try! (If these aren't up your alley, check out past Geek Chic costume round-ups from 2012, 2013, and 2014.)

1. Professor Trelawney


Products: Dress, Skirt, Glasses, Scarf, Necklace, Crystal Ball, Teacup | Photo credit

Pretty much everyone can appreciate a Harry Potter costume! Stand out from the rest of the Hogwarts crowd by dressing up as everyone's favorite Divination teacher. Yes, the tea leaves predict you'll be wearing a Professor Trelawney costume this year! (Unless you're more into centaurs, that is.) 

While you can probably find an oversized, long-sleeved dress like Trelawney's at Goodwill, you can also layer a maxi skirt underneath a shorter dress for a similar effect. Tie a paisley scarf on as a headband, crimp your hair, and then pile on necklaces and bangles. Last but not least, don't forget the round glasses, crystal ball, and teacup! Beware the Grim! 

2. Avatar Korra


Products: Top, Sweatpants, Vest, Boots, Ribbon Wand | Photo credit

This Halloween, you too can become the master of all four elements! For an Avatar Korra costume, pair a blue tank top with your favorite navy sweatpants. (Who doesn't love a comfy costume?) 

Next, slip on a pair of slouchy boots; for those of you in colder areas, you can just wear your snowboots! Substitute a faux-shearling vest for the hide that Korra wears around her waist, or make your own by gluing or sewing faux fur trim to a piece of brown fabric. For a fun finishing touch, carry around a ribbon wand so you can pretend that you're water-bending! 

3&4: Rick and Morty Costumes


Products: Rick: Lab Coat, Top, Pants, Belt, Shoes | Morty: Top, Jeans, Shoes, Eye Patch | Photo credit 

Anyone else totally loving this crazy Adult Swim cartoon featuring a cantankerous and highly irresponsible genius and his hapless grandson? If you already own a lab coat, just add a turquoise tee, brown pants, and black oxfords and you've got yourself a Rick costume.  

Of course, you'll also need to grab a friend to be your Morty! All he/she'll need for a Morty costume is a yellow top, jeans, and white sneakers. (Eyepatch optional.) 

5. Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan 


Products: Turtleneck, Tunic, Tights, Boots, Mask, Duck Tape | Photo credit

The new Ms. Marvel is such an awesome character! She also has one of the most practical super-heroine costumes around. Luckily, it's also pretty easy to create a Ms. Marvel costume yourself.

Layer a blue tunic dress over a red turtleneck, then add red tights and a pair of knee-high boots (preferably blue.) Use yellow duct tape to add the Ms. Marvel logo without damaging the tunic. Last but not least, hide your identity with a mask! 

6. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)


Products: JacketBaseball TeeBelt, Lipstick, Hair Chalk, Socks | Photo credit

I can't wait for next year's Suicide Squad movie, and I think the edgy new take on Harley Quinn's classic red and black outfit is really interesting. For a Harley Quinn costume, start out with a baseball tee similar to hers, then add a pair of ripped shorts. (She wears tiny colorblocked shorts that look more like swim bottoms in the movie, but a more substantial pair of cut-offs will get the look across just fine.) Belts with pyramid studs were all the rage when I was in middle school; you might just have one lying around in your closet!

The makeup is pretty essential to this look: put your hair in pigtails and use hair chalk to color the ends.  Use white face paint and your favorite red lipstick to create her dramatic beauty look! 

7. Jedi Knight


Products: Tunic, Undershirt, Pants, Boots, Belt, Lightsaber | Photo credit

Who isn't dying to see the new Star Wars movie?! Did you get your tickets for the premiere yet? If you can't wait until December to show your passion for that galaxy far, far away, why not dress up as a Jedi for Halloween? 

To make a Jedi costume, pair a wrap tunic and drawstring pants in neutral, earthy hues, then add a thick belt and sturdy riding boots. Add a lightsaber to complete an easy, yet totally recognizable outfit! 

8. Kaylee Frye


Products: Top, Jumpsuit, BootsToolkit | Photo credit

If you love space shenanigans but you're more of a Firefly kind of gal, dress up as Kaylee Frye, Serenity's lovable mechanic. For a Kaylee Frye costume, you'll need a cargo jumpsuit (probably the trickiest part of this costume) and a 3/4-sleeved pink top. 

Next, add a pair of sturdy boots. If you already have a tool kit lying around your dorm or apartment, snatch it up as the perfect prop for your space mechanic costume! Aim to misbehave!

9. Weeping Angel 


Products: Dress, Sandals, Wings, Face Paint, Fangs | Photo credit

If you're more interested in "trick" than in "treat," perhaps you'd prefer to dress up as one of the spookiest monsters to appear on Doctor Who: a Weeping Angel. It's easy to make a Weeping Angel costume. Just slip on a gray maxi dress and sandals, then add on a pair of angel wings. (You can also make your own out of cardboard!) 

Use gray face paint to turn yourself into stone, and don't forget the pointy teeth. Remind your roommates: don't blink! 

What did you think? 

Would you wear any of these costumes? What are you planning to go as this year? What is your favorite geeky costume that you've worn in the past? Let us know in the comments! 

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