Fashion Inspired by Art: Egon Schiele's "Standing Girl in a Blue Dress..."

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This week’s Fashion Inspired by Art is inspired by Egon Schiele's "Standing Girl In A Blue Dress And Green Stockings, Back View". Read on to learn more about the painting and to see three chic outfit ideas based on this work of art:

About Egon Schiele's "Standing Girl in a Blue Dress And Green Stockings, Back View"

Egon schiele standing girl

Egon Schiele's "Standing Girl in a Blue Dress and Green Stockings, Back View" (1913) via Wikimedia Commons

Egon Schiele (1890-1918) was an early Austrian expressionist painter known for his expressive use of line and unique stylization of the human form. Schiele painted twisted bodies with a unique grotesque and erotic intensity.

His style was, in fact, too progressive for Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts, which led to him leaving and become a protégé of Gustav Klimt. Though he died young, he was still able to produce a wide breadth of work, ranging from portraits to postcards.

"Standing Girl In A Blue Dress And Green Stockings Back View" is not his most famous piece, but Schiele’s style still radiates through the painting. He uses line freely, as if he were drawing a contour line piece. Schiele establishes contrast by accenting subdued watercolors with punches of rich emerald and cobalt.

Exaggeration and stylization of the model can be seen a bit in her arms and even more so in the legs. Compared to the rest of his work, which were mostly nudes, "Standing Girl..." is rather tame.

Outfits Inspired by "Standing Girl in a Blue Dress And Green Stockings, Back View"


Egon schiele outfit flow

Shirt, Shoes, Necklace, Bag, Jacket, Jeans, Nail Polish

Emulate the girl's loose dress with a flowy dolman top and oversized jean jacket. Next, tuck the blouse into some skinny jeans to keep the silhouette from getting too loose. Heeled boots not only add height, but are also ideal for walking across campus. Just like the dress in the painting is accented with cobalt, finish off this look with some bright blue nail polish.

 Blue Dress

Egon schiele blue dress outfit

Coat, Nail Polish, Dress, Shoes, Tights, Scarf

Make your summer dresses (with or without the exposed back) work throughout fall by pairing them with scarves and tights. If it's extra chilly, add a coat with exaggerated lapels that resembles the dress in this week's art inspiration. Ankle strap flats and a pale blue polish again mimic the colors found throughout the painting.

Green Stockings

Egon schiele outfit green stockings

Coat, Shoes, Shirt, Necklace, Belt, Pants

Pair luxe green skinnies with a rich blue coat for an unexpected yet on-trend color scheme inspired by Schiele. Keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral so as not to overwhelm. A brown leather belt breaks up the two bold hues, while a chambray shirt and oxfords keep things casual. Accessorize with a lacquered necklace to complete the ensemble.

What do you think?

Do you like Schiele’s style? What do you think about the inspired outfits? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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