20 Dua Lipa Instagrams That Prove She is the Style Icon of a Generation

Dua Lipa is defining the 'New Rules' of style.
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Dua Lipa. You know her right? The talented singer/songwriter and total fashion icon is taking over the world with her infectious beats and one of a kind style. If you're like me then you think that her style is incredibly captivating. 

Maybe it's the fact that she can pull of literally any look she puts together, or that she takes fashion 'risks' that some people might not think of taking. Either way, Dua Lipa's style is amazing.

Here are 20 Dua Lipa Instagram posts that prove she knows what she's doing when it comes to fashion:

1. This street style outfit that looks like it came straight off a runway.

Dua has the amazing Pixie Levinson taking photos of her wherever she goes so that style moments like the one above can be captured for maximum viewing opportunities. I am jealous of that fact, and of this amazingly put-together outfit.

2. This dress that makes me want to find the exact one online. 

This dress is so simple but for some reason I now have 11 other tabs open on my laptop looking for a dress just like this. What kind of spell am I under now? Why does Dua Lipa's Instagram have this effect on me?

3. This bucket hat win.

Truthfully, I never wanted to wear a bucket hat until now.

4. This 1990s meets 2010s masterpiece.

The first time I saw this photoset I got so many Spice Girl vibes. Sort of a Sporty meets Scary combination. The orange also makes her skin glow!

5. This girly-meets-edgy mashup.

The floral dress is so girly and feminine, but the black hat and handbag give off an edgy vibe. 

6. This look that I could pretty much never pull off, ever.

I would never look this good in wide-leg pants and a cropped sweater. Dua, if you're reading this, teach me your ways.

7. A tracksuit gone fashion-forward.

After seeing Dua in so many sporty outfits on her Instagram, it inspired me to broaden my fashion horizons and try out some tracksuits. I will keep you all posted on how that goes for me. Fingers crossed I look half as good as she does.

8. The most fashion-y take on a sweatshirt I've ever seen.

I tried recreating this look and it came out... kind of okay. We're making progress here. She makes a sweatshirt look so chic, I don't believe that Dua is real you guys!

9. This glam night out ensemble.

One of my absolute favorite outfits that she's worn. A silky halter and track pants? The ideal blend of comfort and class. So cool for any night out.

10. This look that makes me actually want to go buy a corset top.

These photos of Dua in Australia are top notch. Her hair is in a perfect bun and now I have decided to go out shopping for a corset top just like this one so I can wear it with my drawstring pants too. 

11. This hairstyle that's inspiring me to go short.

I am absolutely obsessed with Dua’s new haircut. I think it looks really mature on her and it’s great length for her face shape.

12. This look that's so simple yet so fashion-forward.

I’m almost positive Dua is only wearing a long tunic top and mega thigh high boots in this Instagram photo and the look comes so natural to her -- it’s amazing.

13. This outfit that would be absolutely perfect for a music festival.

I wish I would have seen this look sooner because I would have recreated it for Coachella this weekend.

14. This total '90s throwback.

Dua gives off so many '90s vibes here; it makes me nostalgic.

15. This super simple and classic outfit formula.

A simple black dress and statement lipstick combo is so good for any time or place.

16. Okay, she's wearing a robe here but she still looks amazing, how does this work?

Maybe you don’t think a robe counts, but no one looks this stylish in a robe, life isn’t fair.

17. This eclectic combo that mixes patterns, colors, and textures all at once.

Yes. Just yes.

18. This outfit that makes pink feathers a fashion "do."

Here's what would happen if Cher Horowitz was a brunette, basically.

19. This fashion-girl take on our all time favorite character.

Even as Harry Potter she is still so fierce. That is all.

20. When she wears a sports bra as a top and still looks 10/10 because she's got the confidence to pull it off.

This Instagram exemplifies Dua's confidence. I think this is what makes Dua's style something to really observe. Her sense of self is what makes the outfits work for her and for anyone, really. I could never picture myself in a sports bra as a top but I know if I rocked it with confidence like Dua, I could pull it off. 

I admire you so much Dua. Never change!

What are your thoughts on Dua's style? 

Is your style similar to hers? Post a comment down below or tag us in a pic on Instagram or Twitter. We'd love to see your Dua Lipa inspired outfits. 

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