Celebrity Street Style of the Week: Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift, & AnnaLynne McCord

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Celebrity street style: Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift, and AnnaLynne McCord

Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift, and AnnaLynne McCord. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself.

Look 1: Drew Barrymore's Casual Cool

Drew Barrymore wearing a navy and white striped shirt, olive green scarf, loose jeans, and lace-up booties

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Drew Barrymore was spotted looking hip in loose-fitting jeans, a navy and white striped shirt, a black pea coat, and an olive green scarf. She also wore some modern sunglasses and brown lace-up booties.

Drew's outfit stood out to me because of its interesting silhouette -- all of her clothes fit loosely, yet the outfit looked chic rather than sloppy. This is in part because of the rich, dark colored pieces she chose, like the olive green scarf and the brown leather boots. Also, Drew's ombre hair was totally working with this look! I'm definitely a fan of this recent hair trend.

Outfit Inspired by Drew

Outfit inspired by Drew Barrymore: Striped tee, skinny jeans, grey coat, olive green scarf

Coat, Top, Jeans, Booties, Scarf, Sunglasses

Drew's look would be ideal for a lunch date or shopping in the city -- basically any casual situation where you'd still like to look a bit polished. Heeled lace-up ankle boots and  a ruffled olive green scarf keep the look chic and add subtle pops of color. Add boyfriend jeans to channel Drew - these are loose but still slim-fitting so that they work with the footwear. A loose navy and white striped top is an excellent companion to these jeans, and a dark pea coat pulls the look together, making it wearable for the chilly season.

Now it's time for sunglasses - I love these ones from Fred Flare, since they're a mix of vintage (the classic tortoise tone) and modern (the blue bottom half). In fact, these two-tone sunglasses are also my little tribute to Drew's two-tone hair.

Look 2: Taylor Swift's Rainy Day Ensemble

Taylor Swift wearing a cat print skirt, leather motorcycle jacket, black tights, and black lace-up loafers, accessorized with a saddle bag

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Taylor Swift spent a rainy day walking around London in a cat-print dress (or perhaps just skirt) with a leather motorcycle jacket over top, black tights, and black lace-up loafers. She also carried a leather saddle bag. While the interesting print of her dress may initially seem a bit outlandish, she made the look work by adding the tougher-looking jacket for balance.

Outfit Inspired by Taylor

Outfit inspired by Taylor Swift: Patterned dress, opaque tights, black oxfords, motorcycle jacket

Dress, Jacket, Tights, Shoes, Bag

While I found a cat-print dress with a very cute silhouette, dresses in other prints would certainly work with this look: Consider florals or geometric patterns! Black tights and black loafers give the dress a bit of a hipster quality, and adding a motorcycle jacket makes the look a little tougher and modern. Finally, a leather saddle bag is an unexpected choice that breaks up the dark colors of the look.

Look 3: AnnaLynne McCord's Cold-Weather Cute

AAnnaLynne McCord wearing leather skinny jeans, a grey turtleneck sweater, a grey pea coat, riding boots, and a purple hat

Photo: Pacific Coast News

AnnaLynne McCord was one of the many celebrities out at the Sundance Film Festival this past week, and she wore a winter-friendly look with many fashionable touches, like round-frame sunglasses and coated skinny jeans. I also like how AnnaLynne played with purples: The light color of her turtleneck is enhanced by the darker purple of her beanie hat.

Outfit Inspired by AnnaLynne

Outfit inspired by AnnaLynne McCord: Turtleneck sweater, coated skinny jeans, grey pea coat, riding boots

Coat, Jeans, Sweater, Necklace, Hat, Sunglasses, Boots

AnnaLynne's look is great for a particularly chilly day. A lilac turtleneck pops when paired with a darker purple beanie hat, and coated jeans are an unexpected and unique choice compared to your regular skinny jeans or leggings. (Though those work too!) They look extra-cool when paired with some black knee-high boots. Finally, a casual pea-coat adds needed warmth and makes the look appropriate for daytime.

What do you think?

Which celebrity’s street style look is your favorite? Which outfit would you be most likely to wear? Leave a comment and let us know!

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