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annie wilson from 90210

As the main character in the popular Beverly Hills 90210 TV series remake, Annie Wilson is a midwest transplant in the famous zip code (much like Brenda Walsh was in the original series). When she arrives in California, Annie experiences a complete culture shock and struggles to work her way back into the "in-crowd" that she belonged to in Kansas.

Although 90210 focuses on teenagers, the California style seen on the show is a big departure from the denim and dark colors that popularized other teenage shows like One Tree Hill and the Vampire Diaries. And Annie's style follows suit: her style is a mixture of midwestern casual and Beverly Hills flash. From minidresses and bright colors to blazers and tanks, her wardrobe has a little bit of everything.

Chic Comfort for Class

I'll confess, it's unlikely that you'll see me in anything but jeans and a basic t-shirt during my 8 a.m. class. But early morning classes aside, Annie always rocks adorable outfits that are still comfortable for a day of classes.

Cotton dresses, soft cardigans and loose blouses are must-have pieces to emulate Annie's look from day-to-day, especially as the weather gets warmer! Also, take a cue from her and ditch your dated backpack and opt for a cute but sturdy shoulder or cross-body bag to carry your books and laptop.


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Pretty Tanks

Tank tops are a quintessential California girl wardrobe staple, and Annie definitely embraces them. Unlike her costars who rock tighter, sexier looks, Annie opts for more flowy, bohemian styles with delicate embellishments and pretty prints.

Worn with a pair of dark wash jeans or a denim skirt for a night out, tank tops are super versatile. They can be dressed up or dressed down, or paired with a cardigan or vest. Take inspiration from Annie and keep the style laid-back and easy with minimal jewelry and a natural hair style.


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An All-American Favorite

While most of her classmates favor sundresses and mini-skirts, Annie shows her midwestern roots in true American fashion - by rocking denim all the time. Over the seasons of 90210, she has paired her jeans with bright sweaters, preppy oxfords, blazers and vests. Jeans also make great transition pieces from the chilly winter weather to spring's warmer temperatures.

Emulate Annie's style by using your favorite pair of skinnies as a base to showcase a great top or pair of shoes. Avoid super distressed or embellished styles and opt for more classic washes. By choosing a neutral style, you'll be able to pair your jeans with just about anything!


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Tying it all Together

Annie's style is a mix of laid-back Californian, midwestern girl and quintessential student. Unlike many characters on television, her style isn't pigeon-holed into a certain color scheme or influence - therefore, it's a perfect representation of real-life college students like us.

So, what do you think of Annie's style? Are these looks something that you'd wear to class or for a night out? Do you opt for sundresses or jeans? I love to hear your feedback and opinions on the characters featured! Be sure to leave a comment.

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