4 Ultra-Stylish Hijabi Bloggers to Add to Your Feed

Meet the Muslim modest fashion scene's it girls.
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With more and more Muslim fashion brands debuting, as well as increasing numbers of special modest lines created by mainstream designers rising (think Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Uniqlo), it’s not hard to see why Fortune predicts a $484 billion market for Muslim fashion by 2019. The hijabi fashion scene is already taking off, but it's a world that many aren’t familiar with yet.

Hijabi fashion bloggers are, in most ways, your typical fashion bloggers - they get sent free clothes, get invited to fashion events worldwide, have thousands of followers, and provide plenty of style inspo. What sets them apart are their hijabs. In case you aren't familiar, a hijab is a covering for the hair, and is worn by many Muslim women as a symbol of modesty. To wear the hijab means to cover not only your hair, but also your arms, legs and torso. That means no short sleeves, no mini-skirts and no crop tops. Hence, hijabi fashion bloggers are also modest fashion bloggers.

While the hijab does restrict your clothing choices, as you will see, these bloggers make it work. With their immaculate mix of modesty and style, these four super stylish hijabi bloggers prove that fashion and faith can go together and make for some amazing outfits.

1) @withloveleena

Leena Asad of the blog With Love, Leena (she's @withloveleena on Insta) is the first hijab fashion blogger I ever followed. Her outfits are pretty, romantic, and girly. Her lifestyle and feed are so picturesque, she’s basically the Muslim Lauren Conrad.

Leena also has an interest in fitness and health. Her Instagram feed has its share of gym outfits, paleo recipes and plenty of green juice.

She and her fiancé, who both recently graduated from nursing school, will be getting married this December. I can’t wait to see how she styles her way down the aisle!

2) @feeeeya

From pinks to cobalts, Saufeeya Goodson of @feeeeya doesn’t shy away from color. 

Like her Instagram bio, Saufeeya exudes creativity, self-expression, and individuality... and she can rock a pair of sunglasses! Her hijab, sometimes in the regular wrap, sometimes in a turban, is rarely worn without a pair of sunnies below it. 

Aside from her personal Instagram page, she also co-runs popular Instagram page @hijabfashion which boasts 2.3 million followers! Teen Vogue, who is also getting into the modest fashion scene, featured her - to mine and many other Muslim girl’s collective pleasure - in their May 2016 issue.

3) @summeralbarcha

Summer Albarcha (@summeralbarcha) is a self-proclaimed lover of layers - and does she do them well or what?

Summer's looks are timeless and classic and give me a NYC street style kind of vibe. I actually thought she was from there, until I found out she is based in St. Louis, Missouri! 

Summer’s signature is a mixture of chic and put together, but she always looks effortless and never try-hard.

4) @mariaalia

Let me just say that Maria Alia (@mariaalia) is my all-time favorite fashion blogger and my personal style icon. She has this coolness, this "je ne sais quoi" about her, and I can't get enough. 

With lust-worthy pieces and plenty of athleisure basics filling her wardrobe, Maria has the urban-chic look down. Wherever she goes, whether its Coachella, Dubai, France, or Disneyland, she provides a plethora of outfit inspiration. 

I’m so obsessed with her style that it was so hard picking just a few of my favorite looks! You need to look through her feed.

Your Thoughts?

Do you follow any modest style bloggers? If so, who is your favorite? Was the Muslim fashion scene on your radar before? Any other modest style bloggers you recommend?

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