Wardrobe Remix: 2 Looks Inspired by Musical Mash-Ups

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Music and fashion have always been intrinsically linked. From Elvis's rock n' roll jumpsuits to Lady Gaga's avant-garde get-ups, musicians have always been proponents of new and groundbreaking trends. Their fans have followed suit, and many a ridiculous fashion trend has been started by a celebrity: M.C. Hammer pants anyone?

So it's only fitting that today, when we love to mix up our wardrobes (flowy tops with a boyfriend blazers, yess), that the musical mash-up phenomenon is sweeping college campuses across the country. If you aren't familiar with the genre, a mash-up is basically two or more unrelated songs mixed up into one awesome track. I love that in one fell swoop I can hear a current Top 40 Hit, a song reminiscent of middle school dances, and a classic rock song.

Below, I've picked two of my favorite mash-ups and created outfits inspired by each of them. Check out the YouTube videos, take a listen, and get ready to get a great idea for the next time you need a quirky outfit to spice up your look.

Mash-up Look #1: Inspired by "Still Bleeding" (Super Mash Bros.)

Still Bleeding has everything I need to get pumped for a night out: it has a Jock Jams flashback mixed with Pitbull, Fergie, Madonna, and Katy Perry. Kind of amazing!

Inspired by the Jock Jams theme, I pulled a classic varsity letter jacket, while of course the crazy yellow tulle skirt is straight-up Madonna circa the 1980's. I'm sure Pitbull would approve of the sky-high heels, while the zip-up corset top looks like it's right out of a Fergie music video. The look gets its finishing touches with an adorable bright blue headband that totally embodies the coquette persona of Katy Perry.

Outfit inspired by Still Bleeding by Super Mash Bros

Product Information:Headband - Forever 21, LUXIRIE Varsity Women's Jacket - Tilly's, Apple Bottom Cropped Vest - GetTheLabel, SUPER LOVERS Tulle Tutu - Maruione.jp, Jessica Simpson Lizza Pump - Heels.com

Mash-up Look #2: Inspired by "What It's All About" (Girl Talk)

Putting together a look inspired by What It's All About was a bit more difficult since Gregg Gillis, the mastermind behind Girl Talk, uses an absurdly high number of clips in his mash-ups. In fact, this particular selection has 36 different songs mixed in!

Clearly there was no way I could make an outfit using one piece inspired by each song. So instead I channeled the overall vibe of the song: street rap meets classic rock with an old school twist. The magenta high-top Nikes really make this outfit, but the studded blazer, colorful bangles, and fedora will guarantee that just like the artists featured in this mash-up, you'll never get lost in the crowd.

Outfit inspired by What Its All About by Girl Talk

Product Information:Fedora - Forever 21, Bangles - Monsoon, Turquoise Top - Forever 21, Pyramid Lapel Jacket - Forever 21, Frayed Denim Shorts - Queen's Look, NIKE Hijack Mid Brilliant Magenta - Ssense

What are your thoughts?

Are you a mash-up fan? If so, do you prefer Chiddy Bang or Milkman? Do you like the fashion challenge of basing an outfit around a mash-up? Leave a comment!

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