Street Style Roundup: December '09

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Last November, I featured some of the best street style looks I could locate on the web, and posted them up to give you style inspiration as well as show you how you can create similarly styled outfits. Here is part two of that series, focusing on the best street style I found during the month of December, 2009!

Want to see what was happening on the streets this past month? Read on!

Risky Business

Street style: risky business

(Source: All The Pretty Birds | Shirt- Old Navy Shoes- Aldo Watch- UO Skirt- F21 Blazer- F21 Sunglasses- UO)

When I first saw this look, I could only think of one thing: Molly Ringwald in the movie Pretty In Pink. (If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out - it's a source of MAJOR fashion inspiration.) This girl has the whole "chic" thing down pat. I love everything about this look, from that fitted blazer to that teeny tiny watch.

To recreate this look, I searched for a similarly styled skirt, but instead chose it in pink to make it younger. I also changed the shoes from heels to give your feet a rest. (Walking across campus in heels is no joke.) And lastly, I switched up the watch by choosing a cool silver studded one: it gives your whole look a more edgy appearance and is the perfect way to play off that straight-laced blazer.

Trail Blazer

Street style: trail blazer

(Source: Altamira | Scarf- Anthro Blazer- F21 Cardigan- F21 Necklace- FF Tank- AE Jeans- AE Flats- Topshop)

How cute is Smiley up there in her fitted skinnies? I love this entire outfit: it's very well put together, yet looks comfortable enough to jaunt around in.

To recreate this look I chose a black blazer with rolled cuffs and paired that with the beige cardigan and cute necklace above. Lastly, I found a similarly styled scarf to the one our friend is wearing. Scoot your feet into some cute quilted ballet flats like the ones I found at TopShop, and you too can walk down those cobblestone streets with a smile on your face.

Warm Blooded

Street style: straight shooter

(Source: Elle | Coat- Bluefly Shoes- F21 Jeans- Alloy Socks-Modcloth Scarf- Yesstyle)

For all you cold weather folks- this outfit is for you. All I have to say is, that scarf is epic.

To recreate this outfit, I first found a cute black coat from Bluefly. (I love the buttons and the neck!) Then I found a knitted circle scarf from Yesstyle that you can wrap around your neck (hopefully just as awesomely as the girl in the photo). Pair that with a pair of gray socks, brown skinnies, and those cute wedge boots from Forever 21, and you can be nice and toasty yet still super stylish!


The best street style photos

(Source: Lookbook | Flats, Jeans, and Scarf- Yesstyle 12, 3 Scarf- Overstock Ring- Fred Flare Belt- Gap)

While I myself am not a "pink" kind of girl, I couldn't help coveting this entire outfit. I love the color palette and her cute ballet flats!

To recreate this look, I first tried to find a pair of colored skinny jeans. While I could not find the exact shade the girl above was wearing, I did manage to scrounge up a pair of faded pink ones from Yesstyle. Then I chose a pink scarf in a similar pink tone. And to keep the whimsy of the bow alive, I found this adorable pink bow ring from Fred Flare. Throw on a cool leather jacket like the one above, belt your jeans, slip on some flats, and you'll be just as bow-dacious (don't you just love puns?) as our stylish pal above.

In the Trenches

Street style: in the trenches

(Source: Elle | Scarf- AE Jacket-AE Shoes- Buckle Shirt- Piperlime Jeans- Wet Seal Ring- Arden B)

How cute is this look? Even in ripped jeans, this girl is the epitome of French sophistication. I love the little details of her outfit, especially those cute cheetah print flats!

To start off this look, I found a very chic khaki trench coat from our friends at American Eagle Outfitters. Then I paired that with a white burnout tank and some ripped skinnies. I also managed to track down a pair of similarly styled cheetah print flats from Buckle! And although she isn't wearing one in the picture, I felt like maybe a gray knitted scarf was needed, so I threw that into my outfit above. Another thing I embellished in this outfit was the ring, while the girl in the picture has what appears to be a silver ring, to give a little bit more sparkle, I chose a precious green stoned ring. Classy, fresh, and with just enough shine.


Which look did you like best? Did you like the inspired looks? Is there a different type of look that you want me to feature? Would you dress like any of the above girls? Let me know in the comments section, I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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