Spring Break Style: 18 Sunglasses Under $20

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Cat-eyes, aviators, wayfarers, oh my. I'm just going to go ahead and say it: sunglasses are underrated accessories. We take them for granted because they are so necessary during the sun-filled spring and summer months, but often forget that they really can transform an outfit and make a statement.

While I fully support investing in a quality pair of sunnies that are classic and will last you forever, I also love to collect inexpensive pairs that I can switch out often. I'm sure many of us will be spending some quality relaxation time in the sun this spring break, and odds are you'll be needing sunglasses.

Instead of wearing your favorite expensive pair of Ray-Bans, switch it up with a fun (and most importantly, cheap) pair of shades. The benefit to this is that you won't be nearly as heartbroken if an inexpensive pair gets lost or breaks.

I've rounded up 18 pairs of sunnies under $20 that you can rock this spring break, whether you'll be spending it lounging at the beach, tanning at your hometown pool, hiking through the mountains, or volunteering for a local charity. Channel your inner John Lennon with a pair of round shades, or throw it back with some retro oversized sunnies.

There's a perfect pair for everyone - scroll down to check out my picks!

The Roundup

Sunglasses under 20

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Your Thoughts?

What are your plans for spring break this year? Where do you like to buy cheap shades? Do you like to buy inexpensive pairs or invest in quality pairs? Tell us about your all-time favorite pair of sunnies! We love hearing from you at CF, so sound off in the comments.

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