Real-Life Style Challenge: Monochrome Dressing

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Monochrome green outfit: Green top, green pants, brown belt

For past Real-Life Style Challenges, I've experimented with mixing bright colors and neutrals. Both challenges gave me fresh new ideas about how to maximize my wardrobe. So this week, I decided to take it one step further...

The Challenge

For this week’s Style Challenge, I gave myself one simple rule: I had tobase each outfit around just one color. Like rocking neutrals, this challenge is all about working with a limited palette.. but this time, I got to work with my favorite colors. Creating monochromatic outfits may seem challenging, but it really is easy! All it takes is a quick peek into your closet and confidence.

The Results

Real-life style challenge: Monochrome dressing

  • Monday: Today I wore a chambray shirt with a navy blue pencil skirt, blue smoking shoes and a navy blue and white belt.
  • Tuesday: Here I paired a light brown skirt with a khaki button-down top. To accessorize, I added a straw hat and beige flats.
  • Wednesday: For a casual look, I paired olive green capris with an army green tee. I don't own green shoes, I wore a pair of brown flats.
  • Thursday: Today I paireda red graphic tee with a red cord skirt and burgundy shoes.

What I Learned

If you plan on trying this challenge for yourself, your first step should be looking at all the bottoms you have. While I had many different colored tops, when it came time to pairing them up, I found that many of my bottoms were neutral colors. Starting from my skirts and pants gave me a great starting point for creating monochromatic outfits. So peek around your own closet and see what sorts of colors you have.

A Few More Tips I Picked Up from This Challenge

  • Be wary of neutrals. While all-black can be really hip, it can also look very dreary or like funeral attire. It's more fun to play with brighter hues.
  • Make sure your top and bottom contrast, or you might end up looking like a crayon. I really wanted to try a pink outfit, but my pink skirt was the exact same color as every pink shirt I owned.
  • Play with textures! In a monochromatic look, texture is key to breaking up your pieces and keeping the look interesting.

What do you think?

Have you worn a monochromatic outfit before? How do you keep it looking chic? What colors would you try? Let me know in the comments!

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