Musical Muses: Fashion Inspired by Katy Perry

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Just a few years ago, Katy Perry was beginning her music career singing gospel and opera as Katheryn Hudson. Now the pop star, known for her controversial lyrics and daring sense of style, has had numerous chart-topping hits, is releasing a new album this summer, and will make her film debut in 2011's The Smurfs. If you'd like to liven up your summer wardrobe, let Katy's colorful vintage style be your guide.

Outfit 1: "California Gurls"

katy perry

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One of Katy Perry's signature looks is a pair of high-waisted shorts or a high-waisted skirt paired with a crop top. (She especially loves crop tops with sweetheart necklines.) She is not afraid of color and loves to try out different combinations. Channel her retro pin-up vibe with a polka dot swimsuit, denim cut-offs, and fun teal jelly sandals. Add some pops of color with bold bangles and a sparkly flower clip in your hair.

Katy Perry California Gurls outfit

Product Information: Flower clip- Tarina Tarantino, Blue Bangle- Far Fetch, Bow Bangle- Miss Selfridge, Swimsuit- Modcloth, Shorts- Miss Selfridge, Sandals- Miss Selfridge.

Outfit 2: "Hot N Cold"

katy perry hot n cold

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As much as Katy loves all things cute, vintage-inspired, and quirky, she also likes to glam up her look with edgier pieces every now and then. Feathers, glitter, studs, and black accents are her go-to items for statement-making style.

Adorn this baby blue dress with a mix of sweet and punk-rock accessories in hot pink and black for a look that is quintessentially Katy. Top it all off with Katy's signature pink lipstick.

Katy Perry Hot N Cold outfit

Product Information: Pink Bow Clip- Tarina Tarantino, Black Bow Clip- Forever 21, Heels- Asos, Dress- Forever 21, Bracelet- Dorothy Perkins, Silver Bracelet- Asos (Katy is wearing the same one in the first photo!), Lipstick- Anna Sui.

Outfit 3: "Waking Up in Vegas"

katy perry waking up in vegas

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When it's time to perform, Katy loves to be creative with her costumes. Dice and playing cards, fruit, and most recently, blue hair have all made it into her stage wardrobe. She embraces the fun of fashion and wears what she likes regardless of criticism. Add a dash of Katy's on-stage style to your look by rocking cheetah print, glitter heels, vintage-inspired accessories, and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Katy Perry Waking up in Vegas outfit

Product Information: Ring- Asos, Top- Asos, Shorts- Modcloth, Sunglasses- Asos, Heels- Asos, Earrings- Urban Outfitters, Tights- Asos.

Looking for More of Katy Perry's Music and Fashion?

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  • "California Gurls"- This Candyland-themed video features Snoop Dogg in a technicolor wonderland full of everything from walking gummy bears to candy cane snakes.

Listen to these!

Katy Perry's new album, Teenage Dream, comes out this August, so check out her website for tour dates and more info. And here are some more pieces inspired by the singer's style.

Katy Perry clothing and accessories

Product Information: Romper- Miss Selfridge, Bracelet- Zappos, Tank- Forever 21, Shorts- Modcloth, Vest- Forever 21, Flower Clip- Tarina Tarantino, Bangle- Asos, Sunglasses- Endless, Earrings- Zappos, T-Shirt- Forever 21, Bangles- Dorothy Perkins, Dress- Modcloth, Heels- Asos.

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