Improving My Style in the New Year: My Top 4 Fashion Goals for 2013

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A new year means a fresh start and always seems to motivate people to change for the better. Among all the lists of goals and wishes and things I want to achieve in 2013, there is one smaller list I would like to share with you: my fashion resolutions.

Starting college didn't mean any major style transformation for me, but this year, I plan on changing that. Of course, the key to making a change that sticks is to start small - figure out what you want and slowly work your way towards it. CF writer Chelsea shared some fashion and beauty resolution suggestions, and today, I'm going to share mine. Without further ado, here are my top 4 fashion-related goals for 2013:

1. Embrace My Girly Side

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I've always admired the ladylike, put-together looks I see in magazines. That said, I often get so busy that I instinctively throw on basic, comfortable pieces instead of making the extra effort to embrace that aesthetic myself.

This year, I will step out of my combat boots and wear pretty shoes more often. I'll accessorize with jewelry and utilize my (mostly unworn) collection of earrings and necklaces. I will use my stylish, grown-up bags instead of the old backpack I keep lugging around. I will also try to improve my posture: I will stand up straight with my chin up, and always wear a bright smile on my face.

2. Wear More Color

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During the months ahead, I will stop relying on neutrals all the time. I will wear clothes that scream "Look at me!". I will not shy away from bold blues, reds, and purples, and I will also try to mix them up a bit.

Are you in a neutral rut, too? Study our "color combo to try" posts and challenge yourself to take a risk!

3. From Time to Time, Overdress

I attend school in a foreign country, and the way people dress here is very different from what I was used to back home. Here, they tend to dress more casually. For instance, girls here rarely wear heels, while hoodies are worn on a daily basis. When I moved here, I tried to tone down my outfits in order to fit in... and I quickly realized that it made me miserable.

So in 2013, I resolve to do this: When in doubt, overdress. I will wear over-the-top clothes every once in a while because I love them, and I know they fill me up with energy and optimism. I will not worry about being the most colorful and eccentric girl in the crowd.

If you're in a similar boat and scared of making such a big step, start small: Wear a funky piece of jewelry or an amazing, boldly-colored skirt and see how that makes you feel! For more tips, check out our post on why you should "dress up" every day.

4. Wear Red Lipstick


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This is a personal preference and I know you may not all relate to it, but I recently became obsessed with the bold lipcolor trend. I bought a few shades (a few more than necessary, to be honest), but I have rarely worn them - I always feel self-conscious when wearing such eye-catching makeup in public. On the other hand, rocking a strong color on my lips makes me feel more powerful and gives me confidence - I just need to get over my fear of getting extra attention.

For me, red lipstick is a beauty risk. But your idea of a risk, beauty or otherwise, may be different. Take a minute to think about a trend you love but haven't had the courage to try. Maybe there's a fantastic statement necklace sitting in your jewelry box, just waiting to be worn, or a million Pinterest makeup tutorials you'd love to try but haven't. Try to make it your goal to wear things that make you happy or things that you've always wanted to wear.

2013 is a brand new start! Reset your style calendar!

Now I want to hear from you. What are your new year's resolutions? Share them - maybe I'll borrow some, too!

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