How to Style & Wear Summertime Basics

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Being the avid fashion fan that I am, when summertime hits, I still want to look stylish even with the rising temperatures. However, we all know that sometimes you just wake up and you want an easy way out of getting dressed - and I am here to give you that easy way.

Below, I'll show you how to amp up the style factor of summer basics. I chose two of my faves - shorts and a tee - but these ideas can work on just about any type of summertime piece. Read on to learn more:

1. Choose your basics and make sure they're always clean and available.

Place the pieces separately in your closet, so that when you're out of outfit ideas, you can just grab them and you're halfway ready to go out the door. My favorites are a plain white t-shirt and a pair of brown shorts that are very comfortable to wear, and go with just about everything.

Summer basics

As you can see, I already started to build my outfit by tucking the t-shirt in, which makes the whole look appear more put-together, and by adding a cool belt. I didn't go for a plain belt, but rather chose a more colorful one. After all, it's summer, let's celebrate with color!

2. Shoes make the outfit.

At least, that's my belief. Choose carefully, as shoes can switch up the entire way an outfit looks. As you can see below, I tried on several different pairs of shoes to see how each one complemented the shorts and tee.

Summer shoe options

I decided to stick with the brown gladiator sandals. They are one of my favorite buys ever, since they're super comfy and go with anything and everything. I suggest investing in a good pair of flat sandals for summer - it makes a world of difference!

3. Add an extra piece.

Just because it's summer, that doesn't mean that you can't wear layers anymore. Stick with the barely-there pieces, such as vests or short-sleeved boleros, or you can improvise, like I did in this case. I wore an unbuttoned silk shirt as a vest and, since the fabric is so lightweight, it didn't even feel like I was wearing an extra layer - despite the heat outside. Plus, the yellow hue really pops against the neutral colors in the outfit.

Layering in summer

4. Here come the accessories!

This is the fun part. You can either wear something subtle and feminine, or you can go crazy and stack lots of bracelets - it all depends on your personal style! I decided to go bold and really pile on the jewelry. However, out of all of my jewelry, my favorite piece is the red statement necklace. Try pairing together different types of jewelry and see what works for you. Have fun mixing and matching!

Summer fashion fun

The Final Look:

In the end, I came up with an outfit that I really enjoyed wearing. Not in the "this is comfy and nice" kind of way, but in the "these clothes make me enjoy life more!" way. Maybe it's because of the flowy blouse or maybe even because of the colors, but one thing is for certain: this look made me feel good. And that's what personal style is all about.


How do you style your summertime basics?

I'd love to hear how you manage to make plain outfits look special! And if you're not sure how to do that, did my quick guide help you a bit? Which tip was your favorite? What else would you like to see me style? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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